Is Mexico’s legal system too crooked for a visit?

I was reading this article about an American woman who was jailed in Mexico. There was some marijuana under her bus seat when she entered Mexico, but videos of her getting on the bus showed that she couldn’t have been carrying a bunch of marijuana. There was some talk about paying a bribe. That bribe was refused though no doubt some believe that was due to the media attention and public scrutiny.

Reading the comments on the article, a number of people said that they would not be visiting Mexico. It seems people think that stories like this one are too normal to risk a trip to Mexico:

My ex-husband was detained and jailed after being accused of leaving a bar without paying for a $200 bottle of wine. First off, he doesn’t drink wine and secondly, he was indeed framed. This happened on his first night in Cancun and he was jailed for 4 more days until his mother wired $3500 usd to the jail. He was released on the day he returned back to the US, never spending a night in his hotel room. Even more pathetic was the jail cell he was held in. No cot and only a metal folding chair to sit in. He was also given a 2 liter empty pop bottle to pee in.

I had never before considered removing Mexico from my list as I did with Barcelona.

If anyone here won’t visit Mexico, please leave a comment and tell us your reasons.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Although comments were requested about not visiting Mexico, I had to give my opinion anyway. I have lived and vacationed in Mexico many times, but avoided the party scene in Cancun. It is a popular vacation spot, inexpensive entertainment, and known for over indulgence and rowdy crowds. And yes,the Mexican police (Federales) are well aware of this and prepared for trouble,ready to detain and arrest anyone who looks suspicious. Bars are frequent trouble spots anywhere, and we have only heard one side of the story. If a person feels uneasy, however, about going to Mexico, my suggestion would be to skip Cancun and go elsewhere in Mexico, where situations like this are less likely to occur.

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