Istanbul Day 8: Dolambache (sort of) and Kahve Dunyasi

So we checked out of the hotel and asked them to store our luggage. As far as I can tell this meant leaving against the wall in the lobby all day.

Anyhow we made our first mistake of the trip by heading to Dolambache Palace on Thursday. It’s closed Monday and Thursday. Bad planning! The Dolambache Mosque was open so we went there and then headed to a place my wife spotted on the tram ride over.

This place looked like a Turkish Starbucks from the outside. From the inside it looked 10 or 100 times cooler than any Starbucks. Like Disney World compared to the swing in my backyard. The name is Kahve Dunyasi and they have all kinds of chocolate, including some samples. They have a bit of cake, They have sandwiches. They have lots of color and personality. And they have coffee (including Turkish coffee which seemed to be missing from Starbucks).

My wife was checking out a Turkish Coffee maker (55 TL) when they offered to give us a lesson. So the coffee pros taught us how to make Turkish coffee using the exact same machine they sell. We bought one plus a few bags of finely ground coffee (they don’t filter out the ground coffee bean so it has to be ground very fine). These seemed cheap at 5 TL each for 250 grams.

The cups they had their were boring so we went looking for some Turkish coffee cups. We stopped to look inside the New Mosque (very cool) and then found our cups in the Grand Bazaar. Then we went back to the hotel and caught our ride to the airport.

All in all, a great vacation. Plus I took my own advice since I can now invite people over for Turkish coffee.

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