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The TSA seems to go out of its way to hire annoying security people. JFK has the rudest security of any airport I have ever been to; these people really seem to hate their jobs.

And even though there was no one behind us they were trying to rush us. First some guy told me (not asked me) to take out my laptop. He said it a few times before I had gotten mine out.

Then he told me (getting even more rude) to take off my sweater. I put it in a box, but he took it out of the box and put it in the same box as my laptop. Why? And he was certainly not trying to keep it from wrinkling or anything.

Then they have me wait in some capsule that blasts air on me. Then I can go pick up my stuff. When the ladies there were not too busy talking about their Friday plans they rudely rushed me to pick my stuff up faster.

I do not complain about security people keeping me safe and I suppose I get spoiled by polite security in Korea and Japan, but seriously they were so busy talking to each other that I wonder how effective they really are.

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  1. N/A says:

    I understand your feelings towards TSA. I hope that a few bad apples do not take away from the others that truly love our jobs and do it with a purpose, that is to keep the travelling public safe and to help prevent another 9/11.

    Just like every job, there are those who make a bad name for that company and it shows even more at TSA because they are constantly in the public eye. The GOOD employees are often overlooked and don’t get the recognition they deserve while doing an excellent job; but then again, they’re not asking for recognition. They’re just trying to do the job they were hired to do.

    I’m not defending the actions you experienced, but you will find bad employees at every airport you fly out of. You will also find, if you look a little harder, those that are carrying the weight of others and truly trying to keep everyone safe.

    We deal with rude passengers all day, that’s part of our job. Most passengers do not understand why they have to do certain things. We don’t have time to explain all the details and frankly are not allowed to. Some of it is Security Sensitive information. You, as a travelling passenger, have the right to know and you have the right to speak or make a complaint to a supervisor at any time during the screening process. TSA also has a website, http://www.tsa.gov. You can find out a lot of info and travelling tips there.

    I hope that next time you fly somewhere you at least find a GOOD TSA agent and thank her or him for a job well done. It is appreciated and does make the job worth while.

    May all your travels be safe and hopefully you don’t have any more bad experiences.


  2. James Trotta says:

    Thanks for the reminder; smiling and saying thank you to security people can certainly help. The old treat others the way you want to be treated thing applies here (for both passengers and security folk).

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