Job outlook for the hospitality industry

When we’ve talked about working in the hospitality industry on this site, we’ve talked about chefs and bartenders but not about hotel jobs.

We’ll get to that eventually, I’m sure. Working in a hotel can be a great experience and can help you see part of the world you wouldn’t have without the hotel job. For example I have a friend / former student who lived in San Francisco for a year while working at the front desk of a hotel. Since she was Korea, I’ll have to ask her how she handled the visa stuff and taxes and everything but I do know that if it weren’t for that job she wouldn’t have been able to live in San Francisco for a year. I’ve never been to San Francisco so I’m a little bit jealous of her actually.

Anyway, I notice a lot of news articles lately about the job outlook for various industries. Well what about the hospitality industry? As of Octobver, the Utah leisure and hospitality industry had added 5100 new jobs over the past 12 months. I wouldn’t mind living in Utah for a while – I hear it’s really beautiful there. This makes perfect sense since tourists like going to nice places so the hotel jobs should be in pretty cool areas.

Tourism is actually down in the UAE but there are hotel jobs available since new hotels are being built and they need to be staffed. I know my wife has talked about living in the UAE as well. I hear it’s nice and sunny.

In a report on how British employers don’t really trust Brish employees these days, Gerwyn Davies, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said, “It is the employers’ perception that workers from Poland and Lithuania demonstrate a greater work ethic. This is particularly apparent in the hospitality sector.” It seems UK natives aren’t trusted to provide great customer service.

That report in the UK reminds me how the same has been said to be true for the hospitality industry in America. And I was told that NCL tried staffing a ship with an American workforce instead of Filipino workforce. They went back to the Filipinos.

But anyway, working in a hotel could be a good way to see a nice part of the world that you wouldn’t normally get to see and there do seem to be jobs available.

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