Just arrived in New York & some questions / comments on female solo travel

It was a long flight but not a bad one. I was flying alone for the first time in a while. Don’t tell my wife, but without her (or anyone else) leaning on me and stealing my pillows and blankets I think the flight was easier alone.

I feel myself getting tired and will be heading to bed soon – I just hope I don’t wake up in a few hours wide awake – that’s been my problem after other long-haul flights.

But before bed, I’d like to write something here so that I don’t wake up to update the blog in a few hours…

This is an interesting discussion on women traveling alone. It started off talking about Croatia but if you read the comments, around #5 I think someone opens up the discussion and says a woman traveling alone can go anywhere she wants. The commenter says she traveled around the Middle East by herself.

Another interesting theme in the comments is that men can not answer the question “Is a certain country safe for women?”

I’m a man but I think I could give pretty good advice on how a woman traveling solo in South Korea can stay safe. Would a woman be better off getting advice from a woman who visited Korea once, or a travel blogger like me who has lived in Korea since 2001?

Obviously, I think men, at least some men, can answer the question. However in my example above I suppose your best bet would be to get as much reliable information as you can. So while a woman shouldn’t disregard my advice just because I’m male, she would also be wise to seek out other travel experiences, especially from women who have traveled around Korea alone.

If you care to comment on any of these themes, feel free. Can women travel safely anywhere in the world? Are there certain places you would recommend to solo female travelers? Is a man’s advice worth anything when it comes to solo female safety questions?

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  1. Steve says:

    Go to Travel.State.Gov and you’ll find the current travel warnings for just about every country in the world. Also there is extensive information regarding documents, travel tips, international travel information and a host of other things. Surprised this hasn’t been put forth before.

  2. Sharon says:

    I think anyone who has lived in a specific country would be able to provide some good travel information, male or female. Women should definitely follow the same precautions that they would in their own country; i.e., don’t hang out in clubs and bars, don’t accept invitations to see the town, have a drink, wear revealing clothing, etc. You’re just asking for trouble as a woman if you do. I personally would not feel safe or comfortable traveling in the Middle East, and consider the ones who do so extremely foolish. As we’ve seen, journalists take unbelievable risks, women and men. My experience traveling in Mexico and South America has been good. Courtesy is usually shown toward women. Above all, having some knowledge of the language, speaking and understanding, is always helpful and can go a long way toward keeping safe.

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