Kalari Kovilakom: Palace for Ayurveda in Kerala, India

The palace of Ayurveda is in the Palakkad district, near the Western Ghats (mountains bordering Tamil Nadu), in the state of Kerala.

Here’s a long article from the New York Times about how Kalari Kovilakom, the Palace of Ayurveda (in a 150-year-old palace) will help you “purify and balance your whacked-out Western body and soul.”

What is it?

Kalari Kovilakom is not exactly a hotel, not exactly a hospital and not exactly a spa, but a weird hybrid with a Mother Superior aura (in accordance with strict ayurvedic principles the establishment requires a minimum 14-day stay).

Anyway, you have to read the article. The author describes her Ayurvedic doctor, her yoga instructor, Kerala in general, Kumarakom Lake Resort (where sirodhara led to panic), and Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center.

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