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As regular readers will know, I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur and written about KL as well as other destinations in Malaysia. I’m happy to publish a guest article written by Bigg Malique ttitled: “Guided fun steps to Kuala Lumpur 101”

Kuala Lumpur, better known as KL, is the capital of Malaysia. I’ve been to KL a couple of times now and still counting and do read on for a personal, self experienced, guide to Kuala Lumpur.

Getting there is especially easy from Singapore. A coach/bus journey would take only 3 hours, and a flight would take 20 minutes, which is a bargain too since the bloom of local budget airlines. The choice is yours.

So what can you do in KL you might ask. Lots. Be it shopping, site seeing or even learning. You want it, KL’s got it.

Head over to Petaling Street, KL’s Chinatown, for an amazing display of bargain and glorious food. They have these stalls in Petaling Street where everything under the sun can be found. Souvenir T-shirts, to keychains and not forgeting counterfeit designer goods. This place is second to Thailand’s famous night markets. Grab a souvenir or two for the folks back home. They’ll love it!

If you’re looking for cheap accomodation, budget hotels and motels can also be found here for as cheap as 50RM a day. The rooms are suprisingly clean compared to nightmare stories shared by other visitors.

Ever heard of an indoor theme park? They have one in Kuala Lumpur. Called the Times Square, it is jam-packed with 10 levels of shopping galore with a huge indoor theme park to boot. You know what the other best thing bout this is? The all-day pass is priced at 25RM, about 8 US dollars!

After all the fun, you might want to have dinner at the Petronas Twin Towers. There is a 2 level’ed FoodCourt available there and they serve the widest range of food. Italian, Chinese and even local dishes can be found at the food court. Its reasonably priced (for an upscale shopping mall) and the only down point of this eatery is the queue. It’s so good, the queues are long!

After dark, KL lights up at Jalan P Ramlee. Jalan P Ramlee is a stretch of road filled with hip, cool and happening clubs. I would recommend the Thai Bar. There’s a resident band playing all night long and affordable drinks. Just don’t be shocked when you take a look at the drinks list. Instead of ‘jugs’, they have it in ‘buckets’! Is that cool or what?

I must say that my trip to Kuala Lumpur was indeed a great one and one that I’ll never forget. A recommended destination!

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  1. Dave says:

    Recently got back from a two week trip to Singapore, KL, and Genting Highlands. I must say that the trip was enjoyable and wish to return again. However, I must say that I went to Petaling Street/ China Town, and it is not the exciting shopping place the article made it out to be. Shops were similiar and vendors were surely and not in very good mood. I did purchase couple of Nike and Callaway golf shirts at good prices. Singapore Chinatown was much more dynamic and fun place. I did go to Times Square and the place was not “jam-packed” and had few shoppers for such a tall mall. We were told shoppers don’t visit there much anymore as prices not great. There was a SMALL indoor kidde amusement ride place but few kids were there. The food court was ok as you can eat and watch the rides. You want all day all night fun??? Go to Genting Highlands. Casinos and indoor amusement park that goes on all night, sort of like a mini Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm roll into one place. Wall to wall locals and tourist there to escape the heat, gamble, and let the kids enjoy the rides. FYI, if you are a Muslim, you may not enter the Casino. Must wear long pants and collar shirts to enter. May check your passport or other ideas as you enter. Ride the gondola up from the base of the mountain to the top…think the ride was at least 30 minutes…great videos.

  2. James Trotta says:

    Thanks for the insight Dave. I remember getting good food in Chinatown but the shoppping was better in other places. The open market had all the cheap imitation Prada bags and Rolx watches but we learned you can haggle these guys way down if you’re tough enough.

    By the way, I didn’t write this article but I published it because I thought it was an interesting perspective…

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