LA with dogs – days 1 & 2

So we escaped LAX, though not without incident. The roads and sidewalks are in pretty bad condition and as we were crossing the street at a crosswalk, there was a sudden bump in the road that sent all our luggage and one of our dogs flying off the carts and into the street. Luckily the dog was OK – just shaken after his 12 hour flight.

We had made a reservation with Supershuttle. So we first had to find them and then we had to figure out why they had no idea who we were. Anyway, we get it all sorted out and get to the hotel around noon or 1:00.

We fed the dogs, showered and stuff, and then walked to Rodeo Drive – maybe 15 minutes from the hotel. The weather is great and the dogs are happy. It’s Saturday afternoon but the streets are not really crowded. Rodeo Drive got a little crowded but nothing compared to Seoul.

For my first meal living in America I had a chicken salad sandwich. My wife had a tofu platter. The dogs got some brown rice. One of the nice things about LA so far is that it’s pretty easy to eat outside with your dogs. The good weather means lots of outdoor seating and dogs seem to be welcome anywhere with a seating area outside.

We went to bed around 5:00, woke up at 9:00, went back to bed around midnight, and woke up the next morning at 7:00 AM. Jet lag solved.

On Sunday we left the hotel around 8:30 and walked from Beverly Hills to the Farmer’s Market. Stopping for breakfast, the walk was 2 or more hours. The highlight at the market was the Three Dog Bakery. The doggy treats and some fruit from the market made for a nice family picnic on the grass in the Farmer’s Market.

Then we walked a couple more hours to the Chinese Theater and walk of fame. We stopped several times, including pizza for lunch, because we were afraid the dogs were getting too hot in the LA sun. My wife got burned actually. At one point my wife decided to go shoe shopping while I hung out with the dogs in the air conditioned store. This may have cooled them down but it also stressed them out since they don’t like watching one of us walk away. Still it was nice that there was no problem bringing the dogs in the store although holding them both when they wanted to chase after my wife wasn’t fun.

Anyway, we finally get to the Chinese Theater. I wanted to walk my dogs there, maybe take a picture of whichever stars they decided to pee on, but it was a mob scene so we carried our little guys and they didn’t get to pee on any stars.

Then we decided to take a taxi back and headed tot he taxi stand. The first guy refused us. The second guy said we had to take the first guy. We explained that he didn’t want us so he said then you have to call the number on his taxi and report him. He’s breaking the rules. So the first guy who refused us gets out and starts yelling at the second driver. I asked my wife for the phone and then he came over and kind of chest bumped me. So I pushed him away and we left. That was pretty exciting.

Then we hailed a cab and got back to Beverly Hills no problem. Back at the hotel I did call to complain about the driver who refused us. The supervisor said drivers are allowed to refuse passengers with pets – so why did the driver get all upset about potentially being reported? And why did the second guy suggest it? It’s all very strange. And it makes LA less pet friendly than I initially thought.

We slept from 5:00 to 9:00 that night and midnight to 5:30 AM.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Besides all the tourist spots, you really need to take a drive up Hawthorne into Rolling Hills and further uphill to Palos Verdes. The scenery and homes there and along PCH are wonderful. Stop at Malaga Cove (an artsy open air square with some small shops and cafes)…don’t know if Viva La Pasta is still there…great Italian. If you drive even further on PCH, you’ll see Frank Lloyd Wright’s house on the cliff above the ocean, a small beach below the cliffs, and Catalina Island in the distance. The dogs could have a run and you could have a picnic by the sea! We lived in that area for a year, and found the weather just perfect, would have stayed but too darn expensive.

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