Last day in London: Sunday markets (Columbia Road Flower Market & Greenwich Sunday Market)

From 9:00 – noon on Sundays, the Columbia Road Flower Market is a place where you’ll see more locals than tourists. You probably won’t be in the market for flowers but you can look and there are also lots of cute shops on the street that are only open Sundays. I would say an hour is plenty of time although if you start trying clothes on and stuff you could take longer.

Take the northern line to Old Street, exit #2, bus #55 to the first Columbia Road stop, when you get off the bus cross the street to your right and walk a few minutes.

After that we took the bus to somewhere near Oxford Circus for lunch. I had a Cornish Pasty, which was pretty good. My wife had Chinese food which was OK. The pasty (no idea why they don’t say pastry) is basically a meat pastry although vegetarian options are available. They seem pretty popular in London but I had never seen them anywhere else so I wanted to make sure I tried one before leaving.

Then we took the bus to Green Park Station and walked to Buckingham Palace. It takes a few minutes to walk there and it was cold. The palace itself is not too exciting either and the guards marching funnily are only entertaining for a few minutes.

Then we took the bus to Westminster Station, walked to the pier, and got on the Red Rover River Thames Boat. I think I forgot to mention that yesterday’s tour of Kent included the Thames cruise tickets which turned out to be worth 11.50 GBP each. That one went to Tower Bridge / The Tower of London but we stayed on and went to Greenwich.

In Greenwich we went to the Royal Maritime Museum which was free. They had some interesting stuff on cruise ships. I think we stayed about an hour. I could have stayed longer but my wife was falling asleep on a bench there so I figured I’d better move on. Then we went to the Greewich Market – only on Sundays. There was some pretty interesting stuff like Japanese anime style cell phone attachments, fleece hats, 20 or so booths with international food, colorful slimy-feeling things that you put in your vase to decorate the water, animal fur, and so on.

That’s about it. At night we did go to a Cafe Nero for coffee and a little mart to buy some Twinings tea bags. We packed most of our stuff and are pretty much ready to go back to New York Tomorrow. We’re hoping that Virgin has another Premium Economy upgrade special.

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