Last full day in Punta Cana’s Sirenis resort

This day was much like the previous ones in that it was very relaxing. The only thing out of the ordinary today was when we gave away $30 worth of toy cars we had brought for children (we never took a tour or saw a rural village or school so it was either give them to Sirenis employees or bring them back home).

Otherwise it was pretty normal. Wake up and go to the beach to find a good spot (got the best spot yet today), eat breakfast, make dinner reservations, exercise, shower, go to the beach…

Actually that reminds me of what I did differently. At first I went to take a free scuba lesson. They do this daily but I kept putting it off. The guy asked me when i was flying and I told him tomorrow.

He said scuba would be dangerous because of the nitrogen if I was flying within 48 hours. I had read 24 hours somewhere, but I’m not about to take risks to go scuba diving in the hotel pool (though it would be nice to learn one day). So I didn’t scuba dive.

I did go snorkeling, however. Actually this made me quite nervous as I read somewhere that you can cut yourself pretty seriously on coral. I felt that I was very close to the coral and the water was slightly rough so sometimes I’d kind of be pushed too close for comfort.

Maybe I felt more exposed because this was my first time snorkeling without a life vest but I figured the risk of bumping an arm or a leg would be much greater. Anyway, before I saw anything cool I gave up. Nex time I’ll wear a wet suit or something to protect myself from an accidental scrape. Yes, I know this makes me a wimp.

So I asked the guys in charge I asked what I should have seen. Apparently there’s not much to see unless you take the tour. I missed that opportunity.

But other than snorkeling it was a normal day. We went to the spa after the beach. Then we had dinner in the buffet – it was really excellent tonight. There was a great creole chicken, good ribs, roast beef at the carving station, etc.

Our main dinner tonight was at the Italian place. Things were looking good when we saw the menu. They had some interesting pizzas, several types of pasta and several types of sauce that you could mix and match, and veal.

So my wife had tortellini arrabiata and I had the veal. Her meal was good, though the sauce was made more with tobasco than the peppers favored in italy. My veal was not so great. It was deep fried and tasted it (greasy) and was a little tough to chew.

The other new thing we did today was go to show. They have one every night but this was the first one I saw. It was better than I expected, a dance variety show. Some skits were better than others, but it was neat to see so many people we recognized among the performers. Most of them actually work at the resort by day and perform at night it seems.

Those are my notes for the day. To prevent the confusion I caused with other daily Sirenis blogs, let me warn everyone that this is not conclusive at all. I’m just writing down everything I remember now and want to remember later…

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  1. Stephanie B. says:

    I wanted to know if your could elaborate more on the spa. What did you have done there, how much, how was it and so on…


    Stephanie B.

  2. Karen says:

    I am not sure what you were trying to accomplish in writing this “blog” whether to promote or not to promote this place because haven’t one bit of detail in your writing. Boring Blogger!

  3. B Stier says:

    What is the point? Remembering this dull vacation. Everything on your vacation could of happened in any town. Run to the store, buy a kiddy pool, at random give a kid five bucks, get a massage, relax in the sun, eat cheap carry-out, and later catch a show.

    Try researching charity. Find one that you feel confortable with, donate to it. Blog about that. Find a mission group, go with them to a foreign country. Blog about that. This gives your life meaning and that we want to read about.

  4. James Trotta says:

    OK. For the reading impaired, the point of this blog is to help people make travel plans. Hearing about other’s experiences always helps me so I share mine.

    The point of this blog is NOT to brag about how charitable I am.

    And please don’t try to tell me what gives my life meaning.

    Stephanie – I have some pictures of the “Turkish bath” (no idea how authentic it is since I’ve never been to Turkey, but I liked it). I didn’t try the massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. mostly because they were overpriced. My wife and I actually got manicures and pedicures in New York City today and saved a lot of money by not doing it in the resort.

    I’ll try to be more specific in my review.

  5. Lynn says:

    My wife and I are in our mid 60’s and travel quite a bit. It was kind of interesting to me to read about another non-professional traveler’s experiences in a place that isn’t all that popular. We’ve been to Cancun many times and are looking for a more out-of-the-way place to hit the beach without being taken advantage of. Thanks for the candid reviews.

  6. carol says:

    sounds like you didnt have a very good time, and its was same old same old stuff to do

  7. James Trotta says:

    Hi Carol. It certainly wasn’t an exciting vacation but it was relaxing and my wife and I really liked it. We relaxed on the beach, relaxed in the pool, played in the ocean, relaxed in spa, and ate very very well.

    Hi Lynn. The ocean by Punta Cana was much calmer than Cancun’s in my experience, but I don’t know when the ocean by Cancun gets rough or if the waves in Punta Cana ever get rough.

    I have a full review coming some time after my sister’s wedding…

  8. Laura says:

    I don’t get much opportunity to travel, being rather young, but I really enjoy reading about the travel experiences. It helps me get ideas for what I might like to do, and also figure out how *not* to get taken when I do start planning more vacations.

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