Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2011 Book Review

Lonely Planet has made their 2011 picks for the ‘best places to go and things to do all around the world’.

Ten countries, ten regions & ten cities make the list, with some enticing pictures and some info such as ‘most bizarre sight’ , ‘recent fad’, & ‘life-changing experiences’ to whet your appetite. There are also some specialty lists to tempt your travel budget and a calendar of events to help you plan.

The countries range from small (population 215 thousand) to large (population 200 million). There are a few countries you might have guessed would be in the top 10, including a long time favorite of this blog, as well as the country of this year’s summer vacation. But some of the other choices just might surprise you.

The regions, like the countries, are literally all over the map. One region includes a place visited & blogged about here in 2008, and another is on the wish list (and about to be checked off!). Some are busy, some lonely, all are interesting.

The city list starts with a popular travel destination we’ve talked about quite a few times like in this travel plan from a Hankuk University of Foreign Studies student, and in this plan for a Christmas trip.

The seventeen specialty lists offer a variety of experiences to consider. There’s the ‘top 10 places to learn how to cook local cuisine’ which is a category this blog’s also interested in. Another choice is the ’10 best things to climb’, one of which you may recall seeing a picture of last May. There’s a list of ‘secret islands’ that includes a South Korean volcanic island that I may get to in 2011, Plus you’ll find destinations for dance enthusiasts, vampire spotters, and more.

As I looked through this book, it was cool to see other places that have been highlighted or mentioned in this blog, a few places that I visited before this blog started, and many more destinations for the future. This book gives the traveller lots to think about and may inspire exciting new wish list entries.

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