Long Beach, Kecil Island, Malaysia

As some of you will remember, I love traveling in Malaysia. So when i happened to find a little blurb about Long Beach, Kecil Island, Malaysia I felt compelled to share.

One thing that sounds good about this beach is the lack of electricity. No roads and 12 hours of electricity a day. I once went to an island in korea with no roads an electricity from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM and only 28 inhabitants. It was an interesting experience that makes for a greta story so I’m sure Long Beach, Kecil Island, Malaysia will as well.

Anyway, there are two islands next to each other and I read that the water is very very clear with great diving spots to see sharks and turtles. The islands have only three computers online (you ahve to walk through the jungle to the other side of Kecil Isalnd to get to them), very little alcohol, and are open during the hot months from February to September.

To get to Long Beach, take one of three small fishing boats that leave the main coast at Kota Bharu (sometime in the early morning) for the one hour “cruise”.

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