Looking for follow ups to the Andaman Islands’ “human zoo”

Human zoos are, it seems, nothing new, but I’m seeing the term for the first time.

I’m late, the article is a few months old, and talks of the Andaman Islands in India. Other articles from the same time talk of worldwide outrage and the suggestion that the video that sparked this outrage is 6-7 years old.

Looking for more recent articles, I found that Thailand has it’s own Andaman Islands; the area includes Maya Bay (Phi Phi Ley), where The Beach with Leonardo DeCaprio was filmed.

But where is the worldwide news coverage? I figured some enterprising journalist would have done a bit of research and looked to learn if the video was, in fact, 6 years old.

I did find this brief follow up from about a month after the original story broke. And I did find a more recent article on human safaris (similar to the human zoo term it seems) in Peru.

Has anyone seen a more recent article about the investigation (or lack of one) in India?

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  1. Sharon says:

    I found this article today..http://gu.com/p/3a5pb/em

    Delhi has yet to make it a law banning Andaman human safaris…

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