Lucca in Tuscany: great food and not too crowded

Here’s an article on Lucca, Italy. Lucca is in Tuscany. Its biggest attractions are food, a wall around the town that one can bike or stroll on for hours, and Puccini’s house. As you might expect, the opera house is well-known too.

But back to the food, which is what the article is really about. Make sure to observe the locals and how they eat:

…dining at Ristorante Giglio, (my friend) started to put lemon on a piece of grilled baccalà, and a waiter swooped down on him, grabbed the lemon, and explained that it was there only “for idiots.” Mr. Schneider was instructed to eat his salt cod with lots of oil and lots of black pepper, as the locals do.

A friend of mine who has been to Lucca (I haven’t been) said that the restaurants mentioned in the article are the best he knows of. He also added that it’s not far from some vineyards and Pisa. He also likes that it’s not as crowded as places like Siena.

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  1. vhu1982 says:

    i would like to know if there are trains that travel form siena itlay to floraence or rome?

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