Magellan Jets CEO on fying with pets

I knew I was a bit out of my league when I got a press release from Magellan Jets, but I figured who knows? Maybe some rich folks read my blog for whatever reason. And maybe some of the people like me a re a little curious. So I arranged to have a few questions answered by CEO of Magellan Jets, Joshua Hebert. But not the one about how much it costs to reserve a private jet – if you have to ask you can’t afford it probably holds true in my case.

What are the rules for flying with pets? For example, I’ve heard stories about pets hanging out on their owner’s laps or on the next seat. I’ve also been told that federal regulations require pets to remain in their carriers the entire flight.

Yes, they must remain in carriers throughout the flight. Definitely going through security and boarding. Depending on crew, some pets can get out of the crate on board. But, must have one on you at all times.

Have you seen any recent changes in the number of private jet charters booked by people with pets?

Throughout past 10 years, people are becoming more accustomed to traveling with pets and private aviation makes it easier. A lot of people who change homes seasonally like to fly there with their pets.

What types of pets can and can’t travel on your jets?

Magellan Jets has only flown Dogs and Cats.

Do you have any advice for pet lovers who have never booked a private jet before?

If you’re going cross-country to take a plane that would stop, don’t pay for the more expensive larger plane, get a smaller plane that stops so you can stop and walk your pet around. Also, make sure your pet has no food or drink 3 hours before take-off. A doggie basket is always on board, per owner’s requests. For pet owners piece of mind, it is better to fly private because your close to your pet and they will not be traumatized. If pet is leaving the country, you need their papers making sure they have all shots. Pet beds and blankets and treats are always on board.

(Magellan Jets orders goodies for pets who fly with them from

What are some of the memorable pet-related requests Magellan has received?

Flying a dog by itself from Boston to St. Tropez. Magellan Jets caters to pet lovers more than the average company, we’ve been pet-friendly forever. A lot of private jet charter companies aren’t because they’re worried they will ruin the plane. Magellan Jets also just acquired SkyBridge Aviation, who is also pet-friendly. They actually have a Pet Set program, please view the details here:

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