Main tourist attractions in Nepal & Tibet

Over a year ago, one of this blog’s readers sent in the Nepal & Tibet travel plan. I haven’t given much thought about either place since then, but recently did some reading on both Nepal and Tibet.

It’s a good thing that Kathmandu is worth visiting, because that’s where most people will fly to. Some people may fly into Lhasa in Tibet, but flights there depart from only a few cities (like Hong Kong & Beijing). Anyway, Kathmandu is famous for Durbar Square. Yahoo pictures shows us just how cool the many temples, shrines, and palaces in Durbar Square. It’s still possible to avoid most of the modern stuff and wander around in small alleys away from the square.

Then there’s Mt. Everest in Nepal. You can hike there without actually trying to reach the top (which might just kill you). Speaking of mountains you shouldn’t climb, how about Mount Kailas in Tibet. This mountain is not for humans; climbing Mount Kailas would disturb the Gods. A 32 mile hike around the mountain will reveal beautiful nature, a few monasteries, pilgrims (108 circles assures pilgrims reach Nirvana but hiking 108 x 32 miles would mean a very very long vacation), nomads, and possibly Yak herders.

Then we have Lhasa in Tibet. Here you want to see the Patola where Dalai Lamas lived until the Chinese came. Again, Yahoo images shows us, or at least gives us some idea, about what it would be like to see it in person. Jokhang Temple is another attraction in Lhasa.

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  1. Nicky says:

    I’ve been to both Nepal & Tibet in Sept-Oct 2005. You can look at my website to see some photos.

    Kathmandu is amazing and it is sooooo cheap. 25c to use the internet for an hour. The Nepalese people are very friendly and helpful. Not really in your face like in India. Kathmandu offers basically everything you could need and at a good price. They have great restaurants and very cheap drinks at bars. There’s a great monkey temple you can visit. You only have to climb 100 or more stairs. The Nepalese countryside is very pretty. Very tropical looking. Saw some beautiful waterfalls driving back from Tibet. There’s lots of outdoor activities you can do in Nepal. Hiking, kyaking etc etc if you’re the outdoorsy type.

    Tibet is also a wonderful country. Too bad about the Chinese ruling there. Tibetans are wonderful but the Chinese I found to be extremely rude and unhelpful. Lhasa is fantastic. The main square there is incredible. There are always Tibetans walking around it making their prilgrimage to Buddha where they end up at the Jokhang temple. This temple is amazing inside with all the golden Buddha statues. Another good place to visit is the Norbulinka Palace. This was the Dalai Lamas summer palace. It is beautiful and has a very positive energy to it. This is where the Dalai Lama escaped from to go to India when the Chinese invaded Tibet. Be aware of the altitude in Lhasa as well. You may get altitude sickness. Going for a short walk could leave you exhausted. Be aware that not many ppl speak English in Tibet but in Nepal they do. Of course the highlight of my tour was going to Base Camp on Mt. Everest. Apparently the view you get from Everest in Tibet is better than the view you get in Nepal. Needless to say, Everest is stunning.

    I did a tour called Tibet Basix with the Intrepid travel company- The tour was very cheap and our tour guide (Puskar) was fantastic. I’ve done three intrepid tours now (others in India and Egypt) and they were all fantastic.

  2. Wendy says:

    Be aware of the altitude in Lhasa as well. You may get altitude sickness.

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