Mancunian has moved, the Philly airport, & the Jersey Devil

Guest entry by Mancunian

Well, firstly my apologies for not posting on here for weeks and weeks, but my family and I have been in the process of moving from NC to NJ, as I mentioned a few weeks ago. It’s been hectic and stressful, as all moves are, but we should be settled by the end of the month. I am from England originally, and one of the appeals of this area is that there are several shops and restaurants specializing in English delicacies (for delicacies, read fish and chips and sausages) as well as a lot of place names that sound somewhat English – Runnemede, Haddonfield, Magnolia, Camden and Deptford are all close by.

Has anyone else been the first to stay in a particular hotel room? My family and I booked a room at a Best Western near Richmond, VA last week, choosing it because it seemed to be a newly built hotel, so we thought it would be OK, which it was. The room was so spotlessly clean and even smelled a bit like fresh paint that we suspected we were the first people to sleep in the room – a suspicion that was confirmed when we switched the TV on and found that it hadn’t even been programmed yet. At least we knew the sheets were clean.

I have spent many hours at the airport, either between flights or because of a delayed flight, with not much to do. Perhaps it’s just me, but this new exhibit at Philadelphia airport does not sound fascinating at all. Its a collection of old irons that date from the 1930s and 40s. One thing I like about that airport is that they have a lot of movie posters up in one of the concourses, for films that have been made in or are set in and around the area – Witness, The Sixth Sense, Philadelphia Story, etc.

Another good idea is that the airport food court and restaurants have prices that are regulated to be the same as outside, so that people stuck at the airport and forced to buy food and drink aren’t overcharged. This is the only airport I know of that makes a point of doing this – its a great idea.

One thing my son will probably want to see while we are living here is the so-called Jersey Devil, a local legend, although of course a lot of people seem to think it is real. Apparently, its habitat is the pine barrens, a huge expanse of wilderness not too far from where we will be living. Of course, if I see it, I will be sure to post some photos on here…

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  1. James Trotta says:

    I lived in NJ for 4 years but had never heard of the NJ Devil (only the NHL team the Devils). I guess I now know how they got their name.

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