Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

The other day someone on Facebook list posted a picture of Matanuska Glacier, Alaska. It was very cool. I did a little search and found this article from The glacier is public property, but it’s best to get there from private property: “it’s most easily accessible through Glacier Park Resort, Mile 102 of the Glenn Highway east of Palmer.”

I’ve yet to look at my map and figure out where that is compared to other things in Alaska I want to see or how to add it to an existing Alaska travel plan. But it seems there are parts of the glacier that don’t require any special skill to climb around on (and parts that will kill you if you don’t have the proper gear and experience). And it’s really beautiful int he pictures. Here’s a link to a National geographic photo, you can download as your wallpaper if you want.

This is a thumbnail, so you can click for the bigger picture.

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