Medical travel idea: Dr. Mike Leahy’s Active Release Techniques (ART soft tissue repair)

I was reading about some wrist strengthening exercises because I recently started Hapkido, a Korean martial art where wrist locks are practiced regularly. During and after each practice my wrists hurt.

Anyhow, I somehow found this article that’s really an interview from 1999 that sounds like an advertisement. If it is an advertisement, I’m sold.

The interview is with Dr. Mike Leahy who innovated Active Release Techniques (ART). I don’t think this is the National Geographic science and travel show Mike Leahy. This is some sort of soft-tissue treatment – as the good doctor says in the interview:

All of the neuromuscular skeletal soft tissue. That means all the ligaments, the muscles, the nerves, the fascia, the tendons…it’s almost scary. We don’t work on livers and spleens and if you have a fracture we don’t work on that, but if you’ve had a dislocation we can work on that.

He worked with Bret Saberhagen, and MLB pitcher who tried to come back from a shoulder injury in the 90s. This article counts the Saberhagen story as a success story but as I understand it the shoulder was never right even though it was good enough to get him an 18 million dollar contract he wasn’t effective and couldn’t keep the shoulder healthy. I guess the fact that he went from not able to pitch at all to being able to pitch again is a success story even if Saberhagen reinjured his shoulder.

Anyway, I would guess that everyone reading this blog has soft tissue problems. I know I do. My wife does. My father does. I assume everyone else in my family does as well although they may be less apparent.

For me, my soft tissue issues affect how I spend my free time. I had to stop playing Kumdo (like Kendo – a martial art where we compete with a wooden sword) because of my left ankle. When I started Hapkido after a few spin kicks rotating on my left leg the ankle started hurting again. And I’ve written about how before I started exercising seriously I would always get lower back pain after walking (which really affected my traveling).

It might be worth taking a little vacation and going to one of these ART chiropractor types. They have them all over the US and some in Canada. The original Dr Leahy one is in Colorado Springs and I’ve never been there… Plus this old travel plan starts in Colorado Springs. And the Grand Canyon is not too far from Colorado.

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  1. Pieternel says:

    Grand Canyon in Colorado??? For me it was and still is in ARIZONA; North Rim as well as South Rim!!??

  2. James Trotta says:

    You’re right Pieternel. I was confused. Colorado River, Arizona State. Thanks for the correction.

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