Medivac or medevac? And what happens if you don’t have insurance?

It’s been a while (over 2 years I see) since I wrote about travel insurance, specifically for medical expenses like medical evacuation. It’s something I used to be real curious about but then it sort of slipped of my radar.

But this article from the front page of Yahoo got me thinking. Now in this case the “traveler” was a researcher in Antarctica. So it’s not like you or me going on vacation or anything but still it seems like this American guy was medivacced (medevacced?) free by the New Zealand air force.

That seems right – you have to get people medical care. But what if it had been me on a cruise to Antarctica without travel insurance?

I did a news search for both medivac travel and medevac travel (seen it spelled both ways but medivac looks to be more popuar):

This guy needs 250,000 Australian to get back home after a fall in the mountains of northern India. Sounds like he’s paralyzed. No travel insurance. Scary.

Medivac may be coming to regular commercial flights which would cut costs.

So if I’m in Antarctica will New Zealand help me out too? It sounds like if I’m in a country with medical care I’m pretty screwed if I need medical evacuation. Anyone have something to add?

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