More on the lawyer with TB + a note on medical evacuation insurance

Here’s a little more on the honeymooning lawyer with TB. Apparently the US border guard dropped the ball. It amazes me that they give my wife (who has a green card) a hard time at JFK (sometimes, not always – usually it’s pretty smooth) but the guy with TB that they are specifically told to detain gets into the US in under a minute.

At least the TB patient, Andrew Speaker, says he has proof that he was never told not to leave the US. It’s not hard to believe him either seeing how the government is capable of making errors…

Also worth noting is the part on his health insurer covering air ambulance costs from Atlanta to Denver – $12,000 for a domestic flight! Can you imagine if he had been evacuated from Europe and his insurance had not covered it? I’m not saying that excuses his actions, knowingly putting other passengers at risk for TB – the guy is clearly a selfish ass – but I am saying that if you don’t have medical evacuation insurance, I certainly see the temptation to risk other people’s health.

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  1. ellen says:

    He should be charged for all the costs incurred by the CDC to track him down and isolate him.

    this guy knew better than to travel – he heard what he wanted to hear. Her father is a microbiologist with the CDC specializing in TB among other things – – so he knew more than he is saying

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