More reasons to hate Spirit Airlines

Most of you know why I hate Spirit Airlines. But now I have another reason.

To check in a bag (pretty much a necessity since you can’t take so many things in carry-on) you have to pay $20 each way, $10 if you do it in advance online.

Naturally I prefer $10, so for the last few days I’ve been trying to register a checked bag online. But Spirit Air’s website is broken and all I get is the following message:

Spirit Airlines is currently unable to retrieve the baggage inventory available for this itinerary. You can still get advance-purchase checked bags before your flight(s). Just log in to My Reservations any time up to one day prior to your departure date. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

So it looks like I’ll be forced to pay for the checked bag at check in. I wonder if they’ll charge me the full $20 for not doing the impossible (I must have tried 5-10 times over the past 2 days) and using their website to take care of the baggage in advance…

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  1. C. Marz says:

    On the June 1st post, you stated you would not fly Spirit Airlines again. Here we are 2 months later. You broke your own promise. Are you a glutten for punnishment ? Are you going for strike three ? Is this normal to pay that kind of money if any, to check in a bag ? Thanks for reminding me not to fly Spirit !

  2. C. Marz says:

    Sorry folks. I have to correct myself. I said glutten for punnishment. I meant GLUTTON for punnishment.

  3. C. Koch says:

    Another anti-Spirit fan here. It appears that after you factor in the fee for checked bags round trip, your “discount” fare truly turns out to be equal to if not more then the major carriers. Better to stick with the major carriers or one of the other discount air carriers that does not charge for checked baggage.

  4. Arreba says:

    I agree with this blogger 100%…recently, my employer flew me through Spirit, and it was a complete nightmare to pay for my luggage. Because I did not have the money available, I had to carry my luggage aboard the flight…but before I carried it on, I had to remove my toothpaste, hair gel, and hair spray…all because my company did not tell me about the 10-20 dollar payment I had to put on my luggage! I really would prefer not to fly Spirit, because luggage transport should be free.

  5. James Trotta says:

    C. Marz – I haven’t flown Spirit Airlines yet. 2 months ago I had such a crappy time buying my tickets from Spirit that I said I’ll never fly them again after going to Punta Cana (the tickets I bought two months ago).

    Well, if you read the original story, they are not exactly the tickets I bought, just the ones I got. That’s a whole other story.

    Anyway, I always do my best to keep promises and this one, not flying Spirit Air again, should be asy unless people start paying me lots of money to fly this airline that I hate…

  6. C. Marz says:

    Sorry James, I must of misinterpreted what you wrote or misread it. In response to C. Koch, I don’t hate Spirit. I have never flown it. Why ? Because I have never seen a fare remotely close in price to other carriers. At least in my case -to my destination, they have always been high priced. And that is without considering a bag fee also. Just my opinion though !

  7. Gayle says:

    YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I drive, alot more fun and site seeing is a blast. Every airline you use will have something wrong with it. Yes, even the most exspensive ones.

  8. D says:

    Sorry but I LOVE Spirit. I flew 3 of us from Detroit to NYC & to Myrtle Beach for less than $120 per trip. So, if they want to charge $5 ($10) each direction, on-line, for bags, so be it. I’ll pay or pack less.

  9. Arreba says:

    Well, D that is on you. Personally, I could buy a sandwich or some other nice item(s) with the five, ten, twenty dollars Spirit charges for luggage. They should also give soda and snacks out for free if the trip last for longer than an hour…as travelers, we should not have to pay for that kind of stuff, either…

  10. Stephanie says:

    I have never flown with Spirit, but I hate AirTran. This last March I booked two tickets to Orlando with AirTran and my tickets kept on getting cancelled or they disappeared or they couldn’t find that I had purchased them. After 3 or 4 times of being reassured that everything was takin care of and having this happen over and over I told them to just keep the tickets cancelled and I took my business over to NW. Even though I had to pay over $100-$200 more on short notice it was worth it to know that I would have tickets and a flight for my vacation. And this doesn’t even include how AirTran kept lieing to me about several other things either.

  11. BC says:

    To C Marz. Punishment (with one n).


  12. C. Marz says:

    BC – Yeah I know – Thanks !

  13. judy stockwell says:

    my grandchildren[ 14 & 16 ] flew spirit from fl. i paid the prepay for luggage. no problem. on way back they were drop off at airport by uncle who work near by. my granddaughter called and said they wanted $50. for buggie board. she told them they weren’t charged extra on way up [seacond year with board] but they still want money. the lady refused to talk to me. granddaughter told me they would just try to take as carry on. i was not home called spirit number was told they couldn’t do any thing about it what ever ticket counter people say they can’t over ride. didn’t have a phone number at detroit. they boarded an nothing was said about buggie board put over head.

  14. Kathy says:

    Do they fly in New Mexico?

  15. stephanie collins says:

    Can’t any of you people spell correctly? No wonder you have trouble with airlines, tickets, and baggage. Use English properly, and spell correctly if you are to be understood!

  16. Christine says:

    Spirit Airlines is doing what a lot of European Airlines are doing, they are charging for luggage. I am living in Italy and all the bargain airlines charge for luggage now. I think that all airlines will follow the trend in the future. So what do we do? We need to fly and some times these bargain airlines are the least expensive way to travel! Will I use Spirit when I move back to the states next year? Most likely since I am moving to Tampa and they have great prices to fly to Cancun.

  17. Sharon says:

    I flew Spirit once and that was the smoothest landing I have ever had, the plane didn’t bounce even once! I was so impressed with the pilot’s landing I wrote the airlines. That’s more important to me then paying $20 for luggage.

  18. Kimi says:

    My, Stephanie, aren’t we snippy over spelling when we’re talking travel!?! These people are having issue with an airline & you’re nitpicking! SOMEONE needs a vacation!

  19. C. Marz says:

    So Stephanie. Are you saying that by My mispelling a word in type, that is the cause of the Airline Industries problems? Hmmm! My problem isn’t that I don’t speak proper English. It’s that I don’t type it well. Sorry, that I type like crap, and get about 3 hours a sleep every night. I am usually tired by the time I have the luxury of using the internet. So cut some of us some slack. I haven’t the time to review my mistakes, like you have time to check others mistakes. Why not be so critical of the Airlines mistakes?

    No disrespect, but are you the Grammar Police here ? This is a Travel Post. Who cares? Does it bother you when people from Chicago, New York, Boston and Texas, don’t speak the Queens English properly also. If a guy can’t read or write, can’t he still speak properly? Just asking. How one writes or types, means nothing of how they speak. Take Kimi’s advise. You need a vacation. I’m not taking it personal. Neither should you!

  20. William Carroll says:

    My family purchased a ticket from your airline 9 months ago so they could spend Christmas with our family in Panama, last night

    on 12/15/08 they attempted to board a flight out of Tampa to Ft Lauderdale, the counter person and then the supervisor explained how they could only

    travel with one bag due to embargo. In other words, unpack your stuff and take what you can. They had purchased gifts for Christmas and had planned this trip for an

    entire year. They were extremely humiliated by the way they were treated in front of other passengers, attendants behind counter were extremely rude. Not only they treated us rudely but

    also gave us a credit minus a $90 dollar penalty for each ticket (3 charges) We decided to go home and eat the tickets rather than use your airline. We purchased new tickets with Copa Airlines out of Orlando.

    I will have to drive them from Tampa to Orlando and then pick them up on their flight back, I still think my effort will be well worth it compared to having them fly your airline. We have decided to eat the cost of

    those tickets rather than spend another cent on your airline. I ran into a friend of mine at the ticket counter and he mentioned how they didn’t even bother to show up on his previous attempt to fly to Panama, in other

    words his Spirit Air flight never made it to Tampa Airport. Other friends told me about problems with being nickel and dimed at the counter and how the in-flight services charges for everything. We have learned our lesson and

    understand that you get what you pay for. The best advertising is word of mouth, and I’m definitely doing that. Telling all my friends, co-workers and relatives about my experience. We definitely plan to share this with the Consulate of Panama in Tampa and Miami to make sure they advise our fellow Citizens. Spirit Air is the worst airline in the industry and I tell all my friends about it to make sure they boycot them until they go bankrupt and out of business.

  21. millayna says:

    I gotta say they sometimes have great deals, but it is no not worth it. i have a great time at my destination and come back home so upset because of this stupid airline. i will never fly them again. they charge u for everything. from baggage to the drinks that are usually given as a complimentry and they are always always always delayed. never have i seen such a thing with delta, jetblue, and someother airlines.

  22. Low cost airlines have to squeeze you for cash because we have mouths to feed. We don’t call them “hidden fees”, preferring the term “Surcharge for Low Awareness Pax,” or SLAP. Don’t be surprised if we slap a few extra charges on you from time to time. Rest assured that we will not tell you about them in advance… that way your experience prior to check-in will be worry free.

    It is clear that, if you read the fine print, your will bag will not be returned at your destination if you have not paid the “bag recovery surcharge” prior to the flight. This is clearly explained on page 36 of our Terms of Carriage, available at our website.

    At OUR airline we take your concerns seriously. Please visit our online complaints department, rather than complaining in a public forum like this.


    Robert E. Coli

    CEO Thromby Air – Lowest of the Low

  23. Mike says:

    Myself and my fiancé where boarding a flight today. There was some confusion at the gate with her I D. Even though it was cleared up with I five minutes. They shut the door on us and we had to wait 14 hours for another flight. Thanks you will never see me again. On top of everything the gentleman and lady at the gate were very to us after they had witnessed our whole ordeal. Why would at least be nice and apologize after that?

  24. JAMES BARTOE says:

    spirt airlines is a cheap example of an airline. they steal your money on the automatic renewal of their travel club that was never used.


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