More Ridiculous Airline Fees / Have you Filed Your Taxes…?

Guest entry from Mancunian

I must apologize for not blogging for a while – I just got back from the UK, where the weather was mostly rain, wind and sleet. Serves me right for going in March, I suppose. Anyway, despite the weather, my family and I had a good time and even visited the historic and lovely town of Shrewsbury without asking any stupid questions. In fact, I thought “Can you recommend a good tea room?” was quite a good question.

This blog has commented on airlines’ ridiculous charges for extra items and services several times, and the latest culprit is Spirit Airlines who are apparently intending to charge up to $45 for a carry on bag. The charge applies for travel commencing on August 1st and is only for bags that have to go in the overhead bin; there is no charge for stuffing your huge unwieldy carry on bag under the seat in front of you. I have never flown Spirit Airlines (and probably never will, now) and don’t even know where they fly…has anyone?

However, this is nothing compared to European carrier Ryanair planning to charge people to use the toilet on board the plane. At first, I thought this was an April fool’s joke, but apparently not. The budget airline will charge passengers a pound (around $1.50) as well as possibly reduce the number of toilets on their planes. I looked at Ryanair’s web site and they fly to a lot of places in Europe, some of the flights being several hours in duration. Add in any time stuck on the tarmac waiting to take off and that is quite a long time to hold it if you don’t have cash or credit cards on you…And would they actually refuse the use of the toilet to someone who couldn’t pay but had a medical condition, was feeling sick, etc?

If you live in the US, you will know that April 15th is tax day and speaking of those dreaded taxes, USA Today reports that taxes on hotel room rates are about to rise in a lot of places around the country. I already thought hotel tax rates were high – every time I stay in a hotel, there seems to be an additional tax charge of anything from $10 to $15, which I have never quite understood what it’s for. Still, at least I never stay in New York hotels, where hotel tax rates add almost 18% of the room cost to the bill. Anyway, happy tax day to everybody.

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  1. James Trotta says:

    I did fly Spirit Airlines once. I hated them 5 minutes after I made my reservation:

    The flight from New York to Punta Cana was fine and when I had a problem in Miami with my luggage one Spirit employee was extremely helpful.

    But I still don’t like them – never could talk to anyone on the phone, check in was a mess. Plus there’s that stupid advertising controversy with the milf ads:

  2. Large Jim says:

    Spirit flies from Tampa, Fl, to Detroit, Vegas, Atlantic City, NJ. I am book in June. I doubt I will fly them again with the carry on fee. The ceo said “you do not go to Fed Ex or UPS and expect them to send your package for free”. This thinking WILL put Spirit out of business before years end!! LJ

  3. brenda says:

    charging for a carry on bag is ridiculous, i would not fly spirit airlines!

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