Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place I had never heard of until I saw the video below of some people diving from crazy heights. While the diving is insane, I am also impressed with the medieval bridge everyone is jumping from. Old stone walls, mosques, churches; they all look awesome.

If I understand correctly, the bridge in this video is the Old Bridge, finished in 1566. The locals call it Stari Most Bridge, which is probably a better, more specific name than Old Bridge.

Mimar Hajruddin dsigned the old Stari Most Bridge. Hajrudin was a disciple of Sinan, the father of classic Ottoman architecture.

The Old Bridge spans 28.7 meters of the Neretva river, 21 meters above the summer water level. Seems that people have been jumping from the bridge for centuries (see the second video below).

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