My friend’s first full day in Korea

We got to Kyungbokgung, or Kungbok Palace, around 9:45. Admission is only 3,000 won. That was good timing because the changing of the guard ceremony starts at 10:00. We walked around the palace grounds for a while and then went to the Korean National Folk Museum. When we were finished there, we went to the museum café for some rice cake, duk.

Then we went to the National Museum, which is back by the entrance. The stone chimes here were especially cool. Both museums were fairly small and we were finished by 1:00.

We went back to my place for lunch and since I’m right next to Sookmyung Women’s University, we then went to the university’s museum. This wasn’t too impressive.

We spent the rest of the day and all of the night hanging out with some Korean friends. In the evening we went to Namdaemun, a rather large market where you can buy pretty much anything from a touristy business card case to cheap underwear.

We had dinner in the nearby Shinsegae department store because I like Vecchia & Nuovo’s chicken panini with mango chutney. The Indian food in the little food market is good too.

Then at night, we went to JJ Mahoney’s in the Hyatt Hotel. JJs is a bar/club with way overpriced drinks and a nice upscale atmosphere. It was my friend’s birthday, and she had fun dancing and whatnot.

After JJs, we went to a Noribang or Karaoke singing room in Itaewon (short cab ride a way from the Hyatt). For 15,000 we got a private room with a karaoke machine and sang for an hour.

At 4:00 AM we got home and got to sleep. It’s really too bad about the construction outside that woke us up early…

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