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I feel like it has been too long since I’ve posted any pictures. The main problem is I can’t remember which of the photos I’m saving have been posted and which ones I have not yet posted. So I will share with you some thumbnails and if some look familiar, that would be me repeating myself (although I did check and I think these have never been posted). These are all thumbnails so please click an image for the larger version. By the way, if you want to see one of your travel photos published here, you can always email me at I would just need the photo and a description and then I’ll save it for a future post titled ‘readers’ photos’.

This first one is new so I haven’t shared it before, I’m certain. my friend took this double rainbow in the mountains shot in Nagano, Japan.


A double rainbow in the mountains of Japan

Not far from Japan (geographically speaking), we have this picture from Korea. Even in Seoul, on can appreciate Autmun leaves and, since the country is small, it’s not too hard to leave the city and visit one of the many mountains where you can really surround yourself in the colored foliage.

Most everyone agrees that Korea is most beautiful in Fall.

Most everyone agrees that Korea is most beautiful in Fall.

And taking a break from nature shots, here’s one a friend took of Monaco.

Monaco, on my wishlist

Monaco, on my wishlist

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