My unfinished business on Italy’s island of Capri

This article on Capri got me thinking about my honeymoon. My wife and I spent 2 or 3 days on Capri, in a bungalow with no heat. Capri isn’t real warm in October…

Apparently we got in right before they shut the bungalows down for the winter season. Lucky us… I wish I could remember the name of the place in order to warn you all but this was almost 7 years ago.

If I can digress some, this reminds me of the talk we had about what travel agents are supposed to do for you. Now we didn’t use travel agents for our honeymoon – it was very unscripted (we had planned to travel all around Europe but ended up spending 4 weeks in Rome first; then 4 weeks in Assisi with trips to Perugia, Florence, Venice; and finally a week traveling around which included Naples and Capri).

Yes, we were very much in debt after that trip!

Anyway, I was thinking that most travel agents wouldn’t have known the bungalows were unheated any more than we did. The guide books didn’t help either.

Anyway, back to Capri. The article lists some attractions at the end. Some ring a bell – some I may have missed – some I may have forgotten. Here it is:

Piazza Umberto I. This is kind of the center of activity in Capri. It was plenty busy in late October.

Gardens of Giardini di Augusto. The article says they are just off the piazza but I don’t remember seeing any gardens.

Villa Jovis. According to the article, “playground of the Roman Emperor Tiberius (who reputedly discarded his lovers from the cliffs)”. That doesn’t bring back any memories as it’s not very descriptive.

Arco Naturale and Punta Tragere. The article says you go here to look at the offshore rocks of Faraglioni. I saw rocks but don’t know which ones.

Anacapri, a less touristy village according to the article. This is where we shivered through the night.

Chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro. My wife and I loved the chairlift.

Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) – long waits in the summer according to this article. That wasn’t an issue for us in October but the boats didn’t go out due to bad weather. If we return to Capri it will be to see this “natural wonder of the world”.

Do I recommend Capri? Sure, but I would (and did) see at least Rome, Venice, and Florence first. Assisi and Perugia are also great but not necessarily better than Capri depending on your tastes. If you like medieval looking stone buildings, Assisi is better. If you need to see the blue grotto then off to Capri.

Again I never did see the blue grotto so maybe it is better than the rest of Italy’s attractions put together. I doubt it’s better than Rome, Florence, or Venice but can’t say for sure.

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  1. CollegeTraveller says:

    I think it makes the biggest difference when you go to other countries with people who are either from the area or know where they are going. My boyfriend is from Italy, so last summer I went to meet his family in friends throughout Italy. I have to say that Capri is my favorite place we visited (my second favorite was Milan and Lago di Como where Bellagio is). We went during August, and yes it was pretty crowded but once you get up to the Piazza, you’ll appreciate the people watching. We spotted quite a few Italian stars and soccer players, and everyone dresses so chic you can’t help to enjoy this area.

    As for sightseeing, the Faraglioni rocks are beautiful to take pictures around, and you can rent a boat to go through the arch in the largest rock formation (please google these before visiting so you can pick out what they look like, but honestly they really stand out) as well as sunbathe right next to them. We didn’t get a chance to see the Blue Grotto which we plan to our next trip, mainly because we wanted to enjoy the nightlife. Nightlife in Capri is definitely what I urge most people to check out, you’ll find bars with amazing views and great music (check out some that are very close to the piazza, those are very popular). One thing to take in mind is that most of the discoteche (dance clubs) open at around 3-4 AM, so just be prepared if you wanted to get some decent shut eye before you leave…that probably isn’t going to happen!

    Again, even in August it was pretty chilly (account that it is an island), so I suggest bringing a few sweaters as you progress through the night. Bring some comfortable shoes as well because you will be travelling up and down hills constantly to catch different views of the island.

    Because my boyfriend is from there, we visited cities that are mainly popular with the locals. I did not like Venice very much, very overcrowded and too humid, but I have to admit the nightlife there was also wonderful (there are bars right on the beach, a few feet from the ocean that are just gorgeous). If you are going to northern Italy, check out Lago di Como and the city of Bellagio which is very quaint. Also off the northern coast is Genoa and beach cities like Santa Margherita di Ligure and Portofino which are picteresque and have nice beaches. If you’re staying in southern Italy along the Amalfi coast, Sorrento and Positano are worth mentioning as well, they are both very popular vacationing spots for most Europeans. Have fun!

  2. David says:

    My wife and I went to Capri for our honeymooon, and we went back 10 years later. I am sure our fondness relates to the fact that this where we spent our honeymoon, but (biased or not) this is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The views are amazing. The people are wonderful. The food is fantastic. It is certainly expensive now, but I highly recommend Capri to anyone who asks.

  3. Maria says:

    One of those lovely small places that leave a lasting impression is Capri. Just the beauty and simplicity of the island leave you bouyant with a sense of happiness. I still remember a perfume I bought that was made with lemons called “Capri at Night”. I think I used the whole bottle before I got back to the states. I did see the Blue Grotto and that was amazing. Yes, amazing that the little tiny boat that we sat in could fit through the little tiny opening in the rocks, without the waves smashing us directly onto the cliffs. I can’t wait to go back.

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