National Assembly Building in Yeouido, Seoul Arts Center

A quick review of my first few days playing tour guide in Seoul:

Day 1: Kyungbok Palace, Namdaemun, JJ Mahoney’s

Day 2: Bongeunsa & Coex mall in Seoul, Korea

Day 3: The National Museum of Korea

Day 4: War Memorial of Korea and Hongdae

Day 5: Han Ok Gol Village, Waffle House, shopping

The sixth day, Monday the 24th is when we went to the National Assembly Building in Yeouido. We went to the library first (you’ll need to bring ID to get a visitor’s pass) and looked around. There are some interesting pieces of art on the second floor but all information about them is in Korean.

Then we went to the National Assembly itself. They asked if we had a reservation but we didn’t. They ended up throwing us in the actual room where representatives meet where one representative was talking to some of his constituents (I think – my Korean is far from perfect). The speech got boring since it was so hard to understand the Korean, but we had fun looking around the room that’s famous for fighting (I’d seen the room many times before on Korean news as they reported fights in the Assembly).

We then went to the museum but everything was in Korean except for a few display titles so we were not able to get much out of the museum.

After the National Assembly, we went to Seoul Arts Center where my friend was exhibiting some of her work. She got us in for free and showed us around. Her explanations about the different artists and their work was really great and there was some interesting stuff there. Actually it was more than just interesting; it was really cool.

I don’t remember what we did that evening but I think we might have watched a Korean movie (Korean DVDs have English subtitles). Or maybe we just went out for dinner; I don’t remember exactly.

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