Next trip to Ottawa – include some golf?

If you’ve been reading this blog a long time and have a good memory, you may recall that my wife and I went to Ottawa for the jazz festival a few years ago. We really liked Ottawa because the city wasn’t too big, there was lots to do, and the architecture was pretty.

So we’ve been talking about going back and what we’d do if we did go back. Certainly there lots to see in Ottawa itself but one thing I’ve been thinking about recently is taking a golf lesson or three. I assume there are a few golf courses in the area, but the one I know of is Loch March, a Kanata golf course. Kanata is one of the largest suburban communities in the western part of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada so it’s plenty close.

I did actually get one golf lesson in Korea, when I got lost while hiking and ended up at a temple where the monk had a little net thing in the back. He tried to teach me how to drive but I think it’s safe to say I’m not a natural talent. But golf in Korea is more expensive than in the US or Canada. Many of my colleagues actually go abroad to golf. I guess golf is so expensive ehre that flying to a foreign country is the better option.

But the reason I think about golf is because I always assumed I wouldn’t like it, but never gave golf a chance. I’m always teaching my students to look for their prejudices and overcome them so maybe I should do the same with my golf prejudice. I certainly think there’s a chance it would be nice. I like being outside and golf courses are nice looking. So as long as you have some decent company and don’t get stressed out about the game (or competition), it certainly could be good. Of course, in my case I have to worry about stressing because I’m bad at golf.

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