Nice pay day coming for Sarah Palin and new travel show for us

Supposedly we’re getting an Alaska wilderness reality travel show on Discovery Channel. Sarah Palin’s Alaska (temporary title) comes from Sarah Palin and Mark Burnett Productions.

This article says Palin wanted 1.2 million per episode. More than the stars in Friends or Seinfeld. However, Variety reports an estimated budget of $1 million per episode – I don’t know what production costs might be but I would assume Palin ends up with significantly less than $1,000,000 per episode if it’s true. I’m sure she’s making out just fine though…

Hopefully the show will be useful to those of us who want to do some nature-watching in Alaska.

And speaking of travel shows, how is the Travel Channel doing these days? Over 2 years ago, Pat Younge commented on this blog that the Travel Channel was moving in the right direction fast. I guess someone more familiar with the shows can tell us if it was true.

By the way, I’m holding a number of comments in moderation that I’m leaning toward not publishing. I appreciate the comments and am not a huge fan of censorship but all of these comments seem like they are political or will likely lead to political comments. I want to avoid political discussion here as much as possible since it has gotten nasty in the past so to all of you who left comments, thank you and please understand why they are not being published.

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