Night at the museum quasi-travel experience for kids?

Just curious if any parents here have sent their kids off to a museum sleepover like this one at Ripley’s Believe it or Not in New York City. It may not be a vacation but it does seem kind of like a ravel experience in that you spend the night in a foreign environment and hopefully learn a thing or two while having fun.

In fact, if I learned of museum sleepovers for adults I might even be interested. Of course they are a bit pricey but Groupon currently has a sale up – $70 instead of $115… Only two dates to choose from which is a little weird for a Groupon: Friday, June 17 or Friday, July 29 at 7 p.m.

A couple of you have told me that using Groupon for the cities you’re visiting is a good idea and I’ve tried it – I bought some half price tickets for Delta Skyclub lounge passes and for NYC waterway cruises. I haven’t used either one but the return policy is excellent so it hasn’t been a problem.

So anyway, has anyone got any experience with museum sleepovers?

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