Northern France travel plan

Here’s another interesting article by Mark Hart. This is a travel guide for a 14 day vacation to Northern France, a car was hired to travel between destinations.

Day 1.

Arrive in Calais via Ferry at the Port de Calais. Calais is situated on the Northern Coast, bordering Belgium. Calais has an ‘English’ feel to it and being English myself I didn’t really feel like I was in a different country here. We arrived on a Saturday so spent the afternoon looking around a local market, Place d’Armes.

Day 2-3.

Drove South along the Belgium border to Strasbourg – some of the countryside you drive through is so beautiful, rolling green meadows and quaint little farmhouses were in plentiful supply. The journey took almost half the day so the evening was spent sampling the French

nightlife. There was much enjoyment as we hit the bars in the center of Strasbourg. There were also many restaurants, including La Maison Kammerzell, which overlooks a beautiful Cathedral, this is where I first sampled one of the local dishes, frogs legs – suprisingly they do actually taste like chicken! The next day we spent exploring the city, visiting local attractions, such as Rohan Palace and the pituresque Petite France Quarter.

Day 4.

Headed west to Troyes and the surrounding region. Troyes is a lively city trying to

rejuvenate itself to former glories. It does have a large student population so there is a ‘young’ vibe about the place. Venture a few miles outside of Troyes and you are into France’s rural heartland. There are vineyards a plenty here, with much wine tasting to be done. The area also has beautiful landscapes which inspired many famous painters.

Day 5-8

Traveled North West to the capital of France, Paris. We spent 4 days here to have a little break from driving and to take in as much of Paris as we can. Paris is a huge, beautiful city, with many places to see and things to do. Points of interest that must be seen are the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Sainte-Chapelle, the Panthéon, Arc de Triomphe, Place des Vosges, Place St-Sulpice and not forgetting EuroDisney Paris!! All these will provide you with many photo opportunities and many happy memories.

Day 9-10

We headed southwest on the longest journey of the trip to the coastal town of La Rochelle.This is a beautiful town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There is a beautiful harbour that has amazing views of the sea and the local landscape. I highly recommend going on the Horse-drawn tour – cant think of a better way to see the beauty of this town.

Day 11

A short drive north took us to the city of Nantes. Nantes is a fascinating city which mixes high-tech industry and modern tower blocks with Art Nouveau squares, canals and a lively medieval centre. Some of the best medieval buildings are situated in the Place du Change and Place St-Croix where you’ll find chic bars and restaurants.

Day 12

Continued North to Brest. This is another coastal city where you will be able to find many watersport activities, such as windsurfing, kayaking, diving and a first-class sailing club. Brest also hosts the French Naval fleet and the port was full of warships and vessels. Brest acts as a good base for discovering the nearby pretty villages of Le Conquet and the offshore islands of Ile d’Ouessant.

Day 13

Drove East to the city of Boulonge, stopping at the famous Omaha beach on the way. Boulogne is Frances most important fishing port, and is also home to the largest sea life center in Europe, Nausicaá. If you like climbing up towers to get a fine view of a town, then try the 12th Century Beffroi, amazing views!

Day 14

Headed South once more to Paris, this time to take in a soccer match in the impressive Stade Francais, home of PSG. This ended a wonderful trip to France, that was enjoyed by the whole family, and a trip to the South of the country was planned for the next year.

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  1. Vida says:

    Sounds lovely. As I sit at my computer late, it seems like a distant dream. It makes me happy to think of someone enjoying the beautiful French countryside. Thank you for the virtual tour.

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