Not impressed with the world’s best airport, Incheon

Incheon Airport (ICN) has been the world’s best 5 years in a row. Apparently this is based on feedback from passengers but which ones?

Completed in 2001, the Korean offering sees over 25 million passengers pass through its doors every year, with the majority of them apparently happy with their experience.

With its almost limitless supply of high-end shops, department stores and eateries as well as spa, garden, mini golf course and nearby casino, the airport certainly offers more than the average branch of WHSmith and a McDonalds we have come to expect at UK travel points.

Last night my wife got back from Hawaii (details coming soon) and I went to pick her up. I made the mistake of not driving so after meeting up we went outside to catch a bus.

The buses that went closest to our home had already stopped running. We waited for about 15 minutes in the cold for the best option and then grabbed a taxi for the last 10-15 minutes home. We saved about $50 by not taking a taxi the entire way.

We were thinking that the world’s best airport should, since they built it in the middle of nowhere, have better public transportation. The buses we wanted stopped running before 11:00 PM. Seoul’s international airport used to be Gimpo but apparently they had fog problems leading to delays sometimes so they built ICN. That part I understand since my first flight to Korea turned from a 14 hour thing into a 20+ hour deal when we got diverted from Gimpo due to fog.

As for the “limitless supply of high-end… eateries” my wife and I feel the food is pretty overpriced. I think I mentioned previously that if I have enough time I’ll leave the airport and go get some better and less expensive food. I was going to write that I prefer the food at JFK but my wife thinks ICN has the better food. I guess I just like American Chinese food even when it is airport food. I never was that impressed by the shopping but I’m not usually impressed by shopping anyway (though I was happy with the after New Year’s sales in Heathrow). I’ve never seen the garden, mini golf course or nearby casino.

We both like that ICN is clean and that it’s usually not too crowded. And I do like that they have Korean crafts stations where foreigners can paint fans or make paper boxes. If only it were closer to Seoul and the transportation were more convenient…

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