NYC = fun in the snow

On Dec. 26th and 27th NYC got a lot of snow.

On Dec. 28 my wife and I went to Manhattan to meet my friend studying in Oxford. He had a flight out of JFK at night so he had luggage but just 2 pieces, one of them a carry on. Walking out of Penn Station we saw the longest line for taxis I’ve ever seen. Not wanting to wait on line, we started walking.

This quickly became problematic at some crosswalks had huge puddles wherever the snow had been cleared so as soon as you stepped into the street you were standing in a couple inches of water. My wife and I were wearing boots but my friend wasn’t so his luggage and his feet started getting wet.

Other intersections hadn’t been cleared so you ended up walking through very high snow (the streets were clear but not always the sidewalks leading to the crosswalk). So at every intersection you were either walking through water or snow.

There was still some jaywalking of course but in most places that was impossible because of the large snowbanks between roads and sidewalks. We did see shop owners shoveling snow in order to allow easier jaywalking (don’t wan to lose potential customers across the street I guess).

When we eventually hailed a cab on the street (even that was tough because the cabbie assumed we were going to JFK thanks to the luggage and initially refused to take us – we had to convince him that we really wanted to go to 56th and Madison which was the truth), we learned that some of the roads were in pretty bad shape too. Of course snow plow equipment in NYC are tough to operate (my favorite part comes after 2:00):

As we walked some people grumbled about NYC and the lack of snow removal. One guy asked how hard it would be to get 2 guys shoveling on every intersection to clear the crosswalks of snow. Well, there are a lot of intersections and crosswalks in New York so I imagine fairly tough.

My friend with the dress shoes and luggage had the worst of it but he didn’t complain. He said 20 inches would paralyze most cities and that in England they would be freaking out over 5 inches of snow. Maybe the fact that everything in NYC is open and that people are able to get around at all after a blizzard is pretty good.

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