Oahu: days 3 & 4

Hawaii day 3 plus a little giveaway (read carefully)

Today we switched hotels. We went from White Sands at 85/night + tax to Hokele Suites at $69/night + tax. But check out was noon and check in was 3:00. Se we spent the morning packing, checked out, left our luggage, and hit Waikiki Beach. At noon, there are few people in the water but by 3:00 the water is pretty crowded. The beach is crowded by non though. Part of it might be because a section of beach is roped off and filled with construction equipment. Anyhow, I’m feeling lucky having gone swimming in the ocean in February 3 days in a row.

When we got to Hokele Suites, they wanted to charge us $89/night – probably some mix up by the guy handling the reservations. He actually sent us a confirmation email for 89/night and we had to call back and tell him it was 69/night online. He said he’d fix it and send us a new confirmation email. We did get the new confirmation email for 69/night but apparently no one at the hotel did. Anyway we got the room for 69/night and an upgrade from a studio to a 1 bedroom suite. So for $70/night it’s a real sweet deal. It’s near Waikiki Beach, has a kitchen / living room & separate bedroom.

We’re here for 11 nights so we unpacked and then went to a farmer’s market to buy some fruit. Then we took our first Honolulu bus ride to a place where I had a restaurant.com coupon. It was about a 30 minute bus ride to Honolulu Community College and then a short walk to the shopping plaza where the restaurant, New Violet Grill, was located. The plae was filled with locals this Friday night and the food ranged from good to interesting. If anyone reading this is heading to Honolulu and wants to try a local place, be the first one to make a request in the comments section here and I will mail you a $25 coupon for New Violet Grill. I don’t know how quickly I’ll be mailing it so it’s best if you’re going to Oahu soon but not too soon. Also keep in mind that all comments are held for moderation so you won’t see the comment right away.

On the bus ride back we got some free entertainment from a drunk guy. Extreme public drunkenness is so common in Korea but pretty surprising in America. We spent a little while walking around Waikiki. Friday night in Waikiki and there’s stuff to do. Not that I did any of it but there were some bars with live music, some bars without live music, and a strip club.

Hawaii day 4 – escape from Waikiki

I didn’t want to spend two weeks in Waikiki. Waikiki is cool and all but there’s more to Oahu and I want to see some of it. Today we had tickets to the first annual Bob Marley birthday concert at Sea Life Park. So we took the bus out to Sea Life Park and arrived around noon. They said to pick up our tickets at 4:30 (we had a Groupon) so we walked over to Sandy Beach a few minutes away. This was quite a different scene from Waikiki Beach – sometimes the waves got pretty huge and there were lots of bodyboarders, including a bodyboarding contest that I didn’t really understand and that was insanely boring. But watching the big waves come crashing toward me – some were maybe twice as tall as me – was great fun.The water was also very blue and beautiful.

Then at 4:30 we got in line to pick up our tickets. The concert started at 5:00. At 5:05 one of the windows opened and I got all excited and called my wife over from the bench she was resting on. Turns out they were just testing one woman’s Groupon because they had to figure out what to do. At 5:10 a woman waiting on line behind us passed out. They gave her a free water and let her keep her place in line. Then a window opened – cash only, no Groupons. Then a second cash only window opened. Finally a third window opened, this one for Groupons. We were maybe third in line and were in the concert grounds a little after 5:30.

We learned that the concert was scheduled for 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM. We figured we’d call the bus people to see when the last bus would be. 7:05 PM. So getting back to Waikiki was a $50 cab ride. At least the cab was much faster and more comfortable than the bus.

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  1. Ashley says:

    New Violet Grill, do they multiple gift certificates per visit?

    It is better deal if I purchase multiple $10 gift Certificates than $25.

    $10 Gift Certificate – $5.00

    $25 Gift Certificate – $20.00

    Please send us a $25 coupon for New Violet Grill.

  2. James Trotta says:

    1 per month per party so no way you could use two. Otherwise I’d probably be using my second one instead of mailing it to you. Hope you enjoy it!

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