Oahu: days 5 & 6 – some real American experiences

Day 5

In the morning the sun was shining beautifully and I walked to the beach wondering if I should really leave Waikiki Beach to watch the Super Bowl. But I had never watched a football game in a bar before and I wanted the experience. Plus it was the New York Giants in the Super Bowl and I grew up a Giants fan.

So after a swim, I left my beach on Waikiki Beach and headed back to my room to change into shorts and my LT jersey. Then I walked most of the way back to the beach to check out Duke’s, the bar in Outrigger Waikiki that someone had recommended. I didn’t see any TVs with the Super Bowl on. So I headed most of the way back to my hotel to another bar I had passed where people seemed pretty into the game.

So I sit at the bar and hear a few guys behind me cheering for the Giants. So I turn around and ask if I can join them. One dude’s Canadian so i don’t know why he was rooting for the Giants but the rest were Denver fans and since New England had just destroyed Denver in the playoffs, they were rooting for the Giants. Doesn’t matter why, they were rooting for the right team and they were good company.

After the Giants won their fourth Super Bowl title (and eighth NFL championship), I found my wife in the hotel room. We went back to the beach and I did a bit more swimming. That night she bought some fruit and yogurt and stuff and we watched a little TV and surfed the web. I almost booked some tours but my wife persuaded me not to ‘waste’ the money. Which is funny because if she really wanted to save money we should have just stayed home like I suggested. So we spend 5 grand or so going to Hawaii and now that we’re here a few hundred bucks on tours is a life altering decision?

Day 6

Today I went to Pearl Harbor. No tour, so I saved some money but saw less stuff. What I did see was the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri. It was over an hour on the bus each way and when I arrived at 12:15 the next available tour of the USS Arizona Memorial was at 1:00. Not enough time to see the Missouri so i spent the time walking around the outdoor exhibits there. Some missiles, some machine guns, some historical information, some places to reflect – more than enough to spend 40 minutes.

Admission to the USS Arizona is free. They play a 25 minute video explaining how Japan came to see Pearl Harbor as a target and how America made it such an easy target to hit. And of course they explained the actual attack. Then it’s a short boat ride to the memorial that stands over the sunken ship / tomb. After that I headed to the USS Missouri – $22 admission. It’s pricey but so is building a battleship I guess. And I got to see where Japan signed the treaty surrendering in WWII.

I might write more about this later. They said on tripadvisor that every American should visit. I believe that every American should remember, but I’m not so sure every one of us needs to go to a particular memorial to help them do the remembering. But I do think it’s important to visit memorials. I have to think about this some more.

When I got back to Waikiki after 5:00 and another long bus ride, my wife was int he room after a day on the beach. I persuaded her to come back to the beach with me and watch me swim a bit. The evening I spent wandering around aimlessly while my wife shopped.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Glad you visited the USS Arizona. Remember the article I wrote for you is on your grief-tourism site. Sounds like the beach is the main attraction besides the scenery. Shopping too, especially for coffee, macadamia nuts/candy, lavender,and vanilla products.

    Thanks for updating us!

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