Old notes on travel to Nepal

So I was doing a little cleaning and found some old notes I took while talking to a friend who spent lots of time trekking in India and Nepal. The dude has even been to the Mt. Everest base camp which sounds pretty darn impressive to me. In order to throw out this piece of paper, which will be a very small thing compared to all the junk I’ve still got, I have to write my notes here.

Cold in winter and monsoons in summer make those bad times for visiting Nepal. September and October are, I’m told, the best times to visit in terms of weather. Spring is my friend’s next favorite time to visit.

One hike my friend recommended is Jomsom to Pokhara. It’s a 7-10 day hike or a 45 minute plane ride. Jomsom to Muktinath is supposed to be a good one too.

Pokhara is supposed to be OK in winter. I don’t know how cold that means but my friend said he would ask some locals and then find a 1 bedroom place with no kitchen for $3 a day after haggling. This was 5 years ago but still… Then you can do day hikes around Pokhara and that’s supposed to be real nice too. So just fly into Kathmandu and take the bus to Pokhara and start living cheap.

But I was warned to use bottled water for everything like brushing your teeth and stuff.

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