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A recent question on a sports message board I frequent: I’m a college kid visiting a friend at NYU, first time in the city, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for stuff to see. Im not a real touristy guy, any suggestions sports related?

One detailed answer: Walk to Washington Square Park from NYU…then go south six blocks down West Broadway into SOHO. Take a left on Grand. Go to little Italy. Grab something at Ferrrara’s. Take a cab downtown to the WTC. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Take the Lexington line up to 53 street. Walk over to Rockefeller Center and then up Fifth Avenue to Central Park South. Grab a hot dog. Walk west and get on the D train north from Columbus Circle. Go to Yankee Stadium…the Cathedral of Sports. Get back on the train to PennStation. Head home. Rest your feet. Enjoy.

If you’re with a girl take her to the top of the Empire State Building. (Three blocks east of the PennStation exit). Wins you a lot of points (like going to 10 chick flicks without complaining). Then walk over to PennStation. Get on the train home. Massage each others’ feet. Have fun in the greatest city in the world. Come back when you have more than a day.

My response: Ferrarra’s is great. If you sit down you pay more (kind of like Italy). I’m cheap so I get takeout and walk while I eat. The top of the Empire State Building is romantic, but you’re probably in for a wait of at least an hour. We went in the late afternoon to see the day view, the sunset, and the night view. Recommended!

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  1. Tom P. says:

    All the other suggestions are great! Just like to add one thing; Take the Circle Line boat tour that takes you completely around the Isle of Manhattan in about 3.5 hrs. give or take…… Great views looking back on the City And excellent info about N.Y.C. from your tour guide. It’s a little boring up around the Northern Tip, but definitely worth it if you only have One day in the City that never sleeps!! You catch it at the Piers, on the lower west side.

  2. Sharon says:

    My favorite city…some of the best Italian food found in small places..on 57th between 7th and 8th, can’t recall the name. Not sure it’s still there, uncrowded, little English spoken! Also, one on 3rd Ave between 43rd and 45th..again, don’t remember the name.

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