Opinions needed on Giants away game trip

Question: The last 2 years my buddies and I have done a Giant away game and made a long a weekend out of it. We’ve done Buffalo and Pittsburgh, both great games in not so entertaining cities. This year Denver was the clear favorite, till the game was picked up on Thanksgiving. Now the group is split between Kansas City and New Orleans. The guys who want a great game day experience are in favor of KC, but the ones who want more to do in the city like New Orleans. Personally, I’m in favor of KC. Cost is a factor. Where would you most like to go?

My answer: I was in New Orleans in 2000 for Mardi Gras and it was awesome. Post-Katrina, reports have been mixed with some people loving it and some people saying it’s dangerous. One of the people saying it’s dangerous is a friend who lives in the French Quarter. I haven’t talked to her in 2 years but 2 years ago (almost exactly) she said she didn’t feel safe at all in the French Quarter and she would go outside for a smoke without her porch light on to avoid attention. Gunshots were not common but not unheard of. I mentioned this was keeping me from seriously considering a return to NO a while back.

A big group of guys not looking for trouble might be OK though and the food is said to be good (I couldn’t afford any of it back in 2000). Also in favor of New Orleans is they should be better than the Chiefs so that could be the more entertaining game. Maybe.

I would go to Kansas City. I love BBQ, especially pulled pork. Plus I’ve never been there. People say KC has one of the best crowds in the NFL. Tailgating there is great as the Chiefs fans are friendly to anyone not wearing a Raiders jersey.

Downtown KC is now the Power and Light District. They say it’s pretty hip. You can take a trip to the Negro League Museum – said to be very nice, but a little small. The Jazz museum is right there with it, should be worth a visit.

Anyway, if you’re reading this please help so we don’t have another repeat of this embarrassment the last time someone asked about a mancation.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m a resident of KC. There are lots of options. The Power & Light district is hopping on the weekends, and is a cool place to hang out. There’s a movie theater down there too, if the bar scene isn’t your scene. The museums are good, plus there are a few others available like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Union Station, the Liberty Memorial (a WWI memorial that’s pretty cool). TONS of BBQ options, plus other good restaurants. Be aware that the Jazz district isn’t always the safest place after dark. I’d make that more of a daytime trip.

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