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Not long ago Orbitz offered to fly me to Chicago and put me up in a hotel for a night so I could attend a seminar for travel writers.

I was flattered, of course, but unable to go since I am teaching in Seoul. Instead, I sent a friend of mine and I’m reading his notes now. There’s quite a bit that doesn’t make sense (though hopefully it will once we’ve talked in person). I do however have a few notes that I do understand and think are worth sharing.

First, regarding the travel industry. Business travel is down far more than leisure travel and September saw at least some increases:

Europe up 80%

Mexico up 35%

Hawaii up 30%

New Orleans up too

Cruises up 20%

I’ll try to get more details like if we’re comparing Sept, 2009 with a year ago or what.

I also found it interesting that Orbitz is getting a bit political – they want us to go to Cuba, currently the only country to which Americans are forbidden to travel. If you agree with Orbitz, you can sign their petition. I haven’t signed, but I might – I have written about Cuba before and I do support travel freedom.

I just find it interesting that Orbitz is so outspoken about the travel to Cuba issue.

I’ll also try to get more info like what hotel they put my friend at and stuff like that.

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