Orlando homes, Disney & Hawaii

I don’t have much for you today as I’m facing a deadline tomorrow to get in a few chapters of a new textbook I’m working on. It should be a good project – Korean high schools really need a good option for their English high school textbooks so I hope to give them that option…

This article surprised me because it says homes near Orlando (and Disney of course) are fairly affordable (under $200,000). Some friends of the family moved to that general area (because they are Disney fanatics) but I remember them paying much more. I’ll have to find out why.

Speaking of Disney and Hawaii, I heard that Walt Disney Parks & Resorts will open a resort on Oahu in 2011. There will be 350 hotel rooms and 480 vacation villas for Disney Vacation Club members.

I’d really like to continue this theme but I really need to do that book thing. I’ll be back tomorrow…

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  1. MikeHu says:

    Hmm Disney Resort in Hawaii. That sounds useless to me. I would rather them make a Disneyland in Hawaii. Too bad Hawaii doesn’t have enough room for a Disneyland. I hate the rides they have at the annual carnivals. It’s a good thing Korea has Lotte World. Korea should think about opening a Six Flags! Maybe I should look into opening one up! LOL

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