Oxford & Nottingham travel plan

So I don’t really need a travel plan to go visit my friend who is doing his PhD at Oxford but I like travel plans and I named the site after them so I might as well.

Day 1:

I’m not looking to do much the first day – just get to oxford and meet up with my friend. I’m sure he can give me a little tour of his routine at the university and maybe a good local restaurant and bar.

Day 2:

Weather permitting I think I’d like to spend most of the day at Oxford’s University Parks. Some reading and some napping are probably called for. I kind of miss finding some shade under a tree and taking a nap like I did often when I was in college (at Hofstra University in New York). Hopefully it will be July when tulips and Japanese Pagoda Trees bloom.

For dinner, Duke of Marlborough has a reputation for good meat and it’s supposed to be reasonable. I don’t know how addresses work but… Woodleys, Woodstock, Oxford, Tel: 01993 811460, www.dukeofmarlborough.com

Day 3:

Instead of faking being an intellectual I give it a try at some of Oxford’s museums. The Pitt Rivers Museum is top on my list. Instead of seeing weapons and musical instruments organized by region you see items from different cultures displayed next to each other. I mention weapons and instruments because those two are my favorites.

In the evening, it has to be Evensong at Christ Church. I didn’t find Evensong at Westminster Abbey to be the magical experience I thought it would be but it was still good and I’d love to do something similar in Oxford.

Day 4:

Time for some Harry Potter tourism. Referred to as ‘the city of dreaming spires’, Oxford is where visitors can see the real-life locations for ‘Hogwart’s’. Renowned for its exquisite architecture and dramatic skyline, the city is home to Oxford University’s striking Gothic structure, Christ Church College, which is the site of the magnificent ‘Hogwart’s dining hall’, and also provided many of the school’s famous moving staircases. Additionally, ‘Hogwart’s hospital’ can be found in the elaborately fan-vaulted Divinity School, while the university’s circular Bodleian Library also supplied a location in the films.

Day 5:

I’d like to do some exploring so the plan on this day is vague. I do know that it includes a stop at 48-51 Broad Street where Blackwell’s Books has 250,000 or so volumes. Lunch is nearby at lunch at the Eagle & Child, where J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and other Oxford authors met to discuss their ideas over beer and pipes in a group called “The Inklings.”

Days 6&7

Time to visit Nottingham I think. Here this old article from Mancunian takes over as I visit the castle first and then whatever I have time for. I guess we’d start with the small towns nearby: Edwinstowe (best part of Sherwood Forest and St Mary’s where legend says Robin married Maid Marion), Hathersage (Little John’s grave), and Blidworth (Will Scarlett’s resting place).

I’m not crazy about Robin Hood so these could end up getting scratched or shortened but I do know I want to see England’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem from 1189.

And more?

Obviously we could do London before and/or after this itinerary. I spent a week there and while I certainly didn’t see everything, I did see enough that for now I’ll focus on things I haven’t seen.

Oxford gets a mention in this old travel plan.

So what am I missing in this travel itinerary?

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  1. Jamie says:

    Here are some other ideas:

    Gloucester isn’t far from Oxford, and it’s cathedral was used for the filming of some of the Harry Potter movies.

    Stamford, Lincs, is a beautiful old town. Some movies have been filmed there, including the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley. If you go, be sure to visit the Meadows. It’s a beautiful public green.

    Glastonbury is an interesting place, with ties to King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Very new-agey and you’re likely to see some witches and wizards. If you go, climb the Tor.

    You could visit Avebury on the same trip as Glastonbury. there as a larger stone circle there than the one at Stonehenge, and at least when we were there you can still touch them.

    All these places are within a couple hours drive of Oxford, about the same as Nottingham, according to the maps I looked at. Wherever you go have a fantastic trip, I love visiting the UK.

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