Paris (the 5th day) and Luxembourg (the 1st night)

If you’re looking for continuity, you won’t find it here but I do have a link to my 4th day in Paris which may help you put this blog entry into context. That one links to days 1-3. Here are some pictures of Paris.

Anyway, onto our final morning in Paris. In the morning we checked out of the hotel (which was a problem because of some extra charges and no manager willing to speak with us). We left our luggage and went to Hotel Deville on the metro and then walked to a shop we had noticed on Tuesday (it was closed when we walked by). BMV la Niche was pricey but for 100 euros total each of my dogs gets a nice winter coat (European fashion!) and a new toy. We later learned that the dog coats are made in the USA which I thought was kind of funny. And of course the dogs totally ignore their expensive new toys…

We then walked back t the hotel where we had some sandwiches for lunch. We were hoping to speak with the manager of the hotel but maybe you remember that story – Best Western Malte Opera sucks!

Then we headed to Gare d’EST train station. The trip to Luxembourg was comfortable (we were in second class). When we arrived we bought tickets to Amsterdam for the 10th (5.5 hours with 30 minutes and a change in Brussels – no direct trains) and then walked to the hotel. After getting settled we walked around Luxembourg City in the snow. It was really really nice – peaceful because there were only a few people out and beautiful as the snow gave the old streets and buildings a romantic feel.

The food was very good and quite reasonable compared to Paris. We asked some of the few locals we saw and they recommended a “traditional” restaurant. Bosso had some very interesting entrees and desserts. It probably deserves its own blog entry one of these days but for now let me just say it was a great experience and we ended up going back a day a couple days later.

People were very friendly, in a small town kind of way that I just don’t see happening in Paris even if Parisians surprised me with their friendliness. A reader named Pieternel had left me a comment offering to show me around Luxembourg and I was able to call her husband first from the restaurant phone and then from the waiter’s cell (when the restaurant phone disconnected me). Maybe he was angling for a tip but I think it was just being friendly.

I spoke to George Georges; unfortunately Pieternel wasn’t feeling well but George and I arranged to meet the following day. I’ve already posted something about that.

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