Parisians are friendly?

They certainly have not been living up to the rude reputation so far…

We met one who gave us two metro tickets while we were stuck at Paris Nord with ticket machines that didn’t like our credit cards and didn’t accept cash (we didn’t have enough coins). She wouldn’t even accept money though we tried to pay.

Then we were talking directions on the Metro and a stranger started helping us out. Very nice guy.

Then we asked a random couple for directions and the fellow stopped, broke out his handheld GPS, and gave us directions.

They weren’t quite good enough so we asked another guy for directions. Our pronunciation sucked but he took out his reading glasses, figured out which street we were talking about, and showed us the way.

And the hotel is giving us free Wifi unlike the Holiday Inn Amsterdam…

So what gives? Are Parisians actually the most friendly people in the world and just have a bad reputation? They were horribly rude to me in the airport 2 years ago but I am delighted so far in 2010…

And by the way Paris is amazing so far. We walked into the Louvre after dinner, the area around the main entrance with the glass pyramids and it was just beautiful – the kind of place you could walk around every night and then always go to bed happy.

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  1. Vyto says:

    I agree about the French being helpful. We also got free Metro tickets from a French lady in Paris when we could not find the right change to purchase them. Also, as crazy as it sounds, in a little town in Southern France we were aided in finding our hotel by one local who ran along our rented car for about two blocks, making sure we reached our destination OK.

  2. Sharon says:

    Glad you are enjoying Paris, one of my favorite cities in the world. My first visit there was with my parents, and even as a teenager, I found it fascinating, romantic, and unforgettable!

  3. DOB says:

    I have been going to France, including Paris for over 30 years ( do not speak french) and have never had a problem. I enjoy france and have many French friends. Paris is a wonderful city.

  4. Cathy Broadus says:

    They say I am opinionated. At age 51, aint no need to stop. GO TO PARIS! It is everything they say it is. It is the most magical city on earth. Paris does something to your soul. Go, put down that damn flat screen and go. The perceived rudeness if it is there is any is just different not bad. Find out for yourself. Paris will make you love the whole globe.

  5. rita says:

    well, am glad to hear some positive things about us french people, born and raised there, still love it,nothing like it, love new york, but partial to Paris,

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Parisians are very kind. My uncle lost his wallet on the metro, and someone returned it untouched. Also, I visited Paris with my family two years ago. My children, ages 8 and 10, wanted McDonald’s food (the chain was another name) in Paris. Our family was sitting at a bar facing the street and enjoying the view. All of a sudden, my son decides to pop a bag. The Parisians in the bar jumped, because it sounded like a shot gun. My cousin, who lives in France, yelled at him, because people were very uptight about terrorism. The Parisians laughed after they found out what he did. I was afraid, being in a foreign country, they would call the police. I agree Parisians are patient and kind after that experience.

  7. T Hall says:

    During a visit to Paris my Canadian friend, who is living there, took me to a cafe far outside the touristic center. Late autumn, 10pm and chilly, the outside section where we sat was enclosed. Next to us sat two older Parisian women, dressed impeccably and with a palpable air of sophistication. After they finished eating one leaned over and asked us (in English) “We notice that you’re American. Do you mind if we smoke?” They actually asked whether we minded. I’m pretty sure this was pre-smoking ban. Regardless, I can’t tell you the last time an American asked me that.

    Parisians have long been maligned. After traveling there several times, I now believe it’s all a campaign by Americans, Brits, etc to keep swarms of people from further thronging their favorite city.

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