PhD programs for travel writers including creative writing

I don’t know why I’m considering a PhD (my Master of Applied Linguistics was hard enough), but here I am looking up various PhD programs. I figure if I study creative writing and / or travel writing (stuff I do anyway) the PhD would be bearable and practical. Still hard though…

Anyway, so far I’ve contacted:

Nottingham Trent University’s Nottingham Trent Centre for Travel Writing Studies – This British University has MA and PhD programs.

The University of the West of England, Bristol – their list of research degrees does not include travel writing, but Professor Robin Jarvis said that he welcomed inquiries on any of his research interests (which included travel writing).

And read about:

The University of Denver’s PhD in Creative Writing (because they mention travel writing and I did do my undergrad in creative writing – I love writing). To study there, you have to be a teaching fellow. As an Assistant Professor I know I can help students learn something so this is an interesting program for me.

The University of Pittsburgh has a 5-6 year program. I was planning to commit 3…

Ohio University has a PhD in Creative Writing where you can specialize in fiction or nonfiction. Travel writing ought to be included there.

I still have to look at journalism programs as some of them probably have concentrations in travel journalism.

I also accidentally found one tip for travel writers trying to get published (although you should really be submitting to this blog! Anyway novice travel writers should submit travel articles to major newspapers or small community papers because middle size newspapers tend to use syndicated pieces while magazines go for experienced writers.

Of course if I were smart I’d just spend my time traveling and writing but who knows? Maybe I’ll find a program that seems even better than saving my time and money for actually traveling…

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