Phuket, Thailand: Health tourism destination

Here’s an article on health tourism in Thailand, specifically Phuket. I’m not surprised that Americans travel to find affordable healthcare, but it seems to be an issue in Australia as well:

The increase in demand for Health Tourism in Phuket is linked to rising healthcare costs and long waiting lists for surgery in the tourists own country. In Australia for example, some patients are waiting over a year to have hip surgery, a wait that is often both painful and impacts considerably on their quality of life.

An alternative is to immediately book into one of Phuket’s private hospitals, have the surgery, recover beside a five-star resort’s pool sipping a favourite cocktail and then return home a new person, all at a cost far less than private hospital care in Australia.

But it’s not just surgery that is attracting the health tourist. Dental work, health checkups, acupuncture, spa and wellness programs are all experiencing increasing demand.

As some of you may recall, Thailand has been recommended over other possible destinations (like India or the Philippines) by at least one commenter who seems to know his stuff. And remember, if your domestic doctors won’t perform a surgery for medical reasons, having the same surgery in another country is a huge risk.

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