Pictures from Kauai: a turtle on the beach and tranquil places to sit

I’d like to show you a few more pictures from my wife’s trip to Hawaii in March, 2010. They are all thumbnails so click to see the bigger version.

On a beach in Kauai, my wife was lucky enough to see a big turtle taking a nap:

Back at Hanalei Bay Resort (which my wife recommends), notice the chairs to the right – looks like a great place to read, write, and relax:

Also at the resort, some benches near a nice garden make another nice place to relax:

Click here for some pictures of birds that came to visit my wife’s lanai at the resort.

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  1. TripDiva says:

    I was in Kauai for the first time in March, too! I loved it – took a small plane tour, drove up the ridge along Waimea canyon, and just enjoyed the whole experience (and the roosters!)

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