Pictures of Plantation Bay

I still have another article on Plantation Bay coming, but I thought that I should add some pictures. This first picture shows a Plantation Bay pool. In the back, you can see the darker blue of the ocean and a cool-looking cloud.

Note how the pool is empty. I was constantly impressed by the atmosphere at Plantation Bay. You weren’t all alone, but it did seem like there were almost as many employees as visitors.

This pool, the elevated pool at Mogambo Falls, was a fun one. The waterfall makes tons of bubbles. The resort says they look like milk and feel like champagne. Maybe, maybe not – all I can say is that my wife and I had the pool all to ourselves and the bubbles were a lot of fun. It was definitely one of the more memorable parts of my trip to Cebu.

There was algae or something on the bottom of this pool so I went in with my sandals on.

If you haven’t seen my reviews of Plantation Bay yet, there’s an overview / description of my first night, and a description of my first full day.

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