Plantation Bay, best resort in Cebu?

A friend of mine called Plantation Bay a Disneyland for the adults and kids alike. The rest of this article comes from them (I’ve never even been to Cebu).

“Plantation Bay was like a huge pool interspersed with villas, facilities and sandbars. The staff were definitely very friendly, polite and helpful. Plantation Bay has a “No Tipping” policy so it wasn’t so stressful thinking all the time how much and when to tip.

“The resort is like a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly. I also noticed that there were more southeast Asians clientele than Caucasians. From a firing range where you can shoot some guns to massages, Plantation bay is definitely a real holiday. For massages, go to the resort’s Mogambo Springs Spa. The ambiance was quite soothing and conducive to relaxation. The staff were professional and courteous.

“My friends said that dining at the resort can be expensive so they ended up buying groceries (they took a cab into town) so that they could prepare some meals themselves. They also went to a seafood resto a few minutes away from Plantation Bay. The food was decent but the ambiance and overall vibe wasn’t. While waiting for our food, a few young men and women in Filipino attire approached our table and started selling souvenirs and pastries. I felt that it was inappropriate as we didn’t come to the place to be hustled into buying things we didn’t want or need. I bought a package of dried pineapple slices just to stop them from harassing us even further.

“As if that wasn’t enough, we suddenly heard the thunderous volume of Filipino folk music blaring from the speakers which were positioned pretty close to our table. Apparently, the restaurant also provided entertainment (a Plantation Bay restaurant had dancing). It was distracting us from what we came to do…dining. We can’t even have a decent conversation as the music was too loud and we have to stop eating occasionally to clap politely. Also, at the end of the Tinikling dance, the dancers came to our table to invite us to learn the dance steps from them on the stage.”

I had fun trying to learn Malaysian dance, but I can see why you might not want your meal interrupted. Their favorite activity was a trip to Hinutungan Island. They said, “The island was a fish sanctuary and was just teeming with marine life. It’s almost like being inside an aquarium, in a world unlike any other and it’s so easy to forget where you are. We saw 3 scuba divers and I wished we took the time to take PADI classes before coming to Cebu.”

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  1. james dean says:

    you get what you pay so what are you complaining about cheapskate?

  2. james dean says:

    you get what you pay so what are you complaining about cheapskate?

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