Plantation Bay resort in Cebu: review coming soon

I’ll be reviewing Plantation Bay resort in Cebu on a working vacation for the next few days. My blog entries will probably be brief and irregular but know that I will be doing something that I think will be helpful for a lot of travelers.

Here’s how it all happened. About a year ago, I heard some good things about Plantation Bay. This is a resort in Cebu, which is one of the two very popular beach vacation spots in the Philippines (the other is Boracay).

When I looked at the Plantation Bay web site, I saw a great concept in the “water’s edge room… located right at the edge of our lagoon. From your balcony you can be in the water in 0-2 seconds. (Not suitable for children and infants).” I immediately put Plantation Bay on my list of places to stay.

And I went looking for independent reviews online. I found some positive ones and some negative ones, each with a snippet of information. Some of the information was useful (for example one said that it can be hard to get a taxi and that the hotel car service is overpriced so you can take a tricycle ride in to the “taxi stand” which is near the first main intersection on your way to the bridge, from the hotel – the tricycle cost should be 50 pesos and then the taxi should be NO more than 300-350 pesos to the city center, Fuente Circle).

Now that’s a great tip, but the mixture of positive and negative reviews that all focus on a few specific things leave travelers with nothing really definitive. How good is is Plantation Bay and who is it good for?

That’s where I come in. I’m going to write the definitive review of Plantation Bay, particularly the water’s edge rooms. So I booked a room, got a flight, and leave in about 12 hours. I don’t sell anything on this blog, so my review will be more objective that any of the hotel booking sites are likely to be. And travelers will be able to get fairly objective information on all aspects of Plantation Bay in one place. I plan to check out the room (obviously), the pool, the beach, the restaurants, the spa, the service, the activities, and anything else I notice.

If you have a question about Plantation Bay, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can find out for you.

This means that over the next few days I won’t have much to say here – I’ll try to give you short updates but that’s about all I can hope for. When I return, I’ll put together a comprehensive and objective article about why people should or should not stay at Plantation Bay.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi, hope you have a great time in Cebu. If you can, can you peek at the other rooms, specially the Club room (which ironically is the cheapest as per their website, which leaves me wondering why).

    If you can, it’ll also be nice to hear some reviews on the new Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa which should be right around the same island. A comment, even from a walk-in guest’s point of view will be very intersting (like how well it is appointed, beachfront quality, etc)It’s relatively new and not much reliable and objective info can be found on the web. These two hotels, along with the Shangri-la Mactan are the places to stay in Cebu. And like you said, Plantation Bay always has had mixed reviews, and the Hilton is still a question mark.

    Am planning to visit Cebu and so your blog will be something I will look forward to reading.

    Thanks in advance! And safe trip.


  2. amador rasay says:

    You should have gone to Palawan, i.e., El Nido or Amanpolou.

  3. roger mendez says:

    Mr. Rasay,

    Are you the Amador Rasay who graduated in Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School? If yes, then you are my classmate, I dont know if my name still ring a bell?


    Roger Mendez

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